Decorating Your Dressing Room With Recycled Materials

Don't hesitate to go through those objects you don't use anymore and give them a second life. Many could be useful when remodeling your dressing room!
Decorating Your Dressing Room With Recycled Materials

Last update: 06 June, 2020

Do you have to get rid of what’s no longer useful? You don’t. In the world of decor, any object can have a second life. For this reason, in this article, we’ll be showing you how to make a dressing room with recycled materials.

You can turn your home into a sustainable place where everything has a use. One of the biggest problems we’ll have in the future is the accumulation of garbage. Therefore, it’s time to help the planet and try to reuse what you think is no longer useful.

Furthermore, we’re all used to dressing rooms being elegant places with designer furniture. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can work it from different aspects – one of them is recycling.

Having a wooden ladder in your dressing room

Clothes hanging from a wooden ladder in a dressing room.

Old wooden ladders aren’t used much these days. The reason for this is that people tend to choose metallic ones because they’re much more resistant to weight and the passage of time. However, wooden ladders don’t have to be completely forgotten. You can give one a new use by turning it into a coat rack.

For this, you have to work the wood, analyze its condition, and try to seal it. You should sand the surface since this will leave make it look better. You can also apply a layer of varnish. Also, if you want, you can paint the wood to give the room a pop of color.

From there, you can place the ladder on the wall with two brackets to support it, or simply have it suspended from the ceiling with ropes. You can hang your clothes on each of the steps and give a more original appearance to the dressing room itself.

Furniture made of recycled wood

An old vanity in a dressing room.

Wood is a natural material that can have different uses. Let’s look at some wooden resources that may be organizational, decorative, and functional in your dressing room.

  1. First of all, we must mention wooden boxes. You can use them for packing and storing clothes and shoes.
  2. Pallets have multiple functions. For one, they may serve as support for different pieces of furniture. Secondly, you can convert them into spacious shelves.
  3. Don’t forget about antique pieces of furniture! Remember that the main objective here is that you bring life to the furniture that you consider useless. It’s easy to get a new but antique vanity table by changing the appearance of a classic, old table and customizing it as you wish.
  4. Every dressing room needs a mirror. For this, you can use an old picture frame or just use the frame of an old mirror you don’t like anymore.

Using doors as a decor element

An old door hanging on the wall.

Believe it or not,  doors that are completely damaged or in poor condition can be used for decor, no matter how useless you think they are. The reason for this is that they’re versatile, you just have to figure out how you can incorporate one into your dressing room.

An interesting experiment would be taking an old door and converting it into a coat rack. To do this, you just have to place some iron hooks on it. Of course, you can paint them to make the overall aesthetics of the space more dynamic.

You can paint or varnish the door in any color you want.

Reusing metallic boxes in your dressing room

Dressing rooms tend to be quite messy due to everything we store in them. For this reason, they need organization. Do you, by any chance, own any metallic boxes? If you do, you could use them to organize your dressing room more efficiently. We mention metallic boxes because metal gives them a vintage look.

Furthermore, using recycled boxes gives the space an original vibe since you’re giving life to an object you don’t use. It’s up to you what you decide to store in them – shoes, bags, t-shirts, socks…

In brief, remember that most objects can be given a second life. In the world of decor, you make your own rules – you decide what to do with the materials you have at hand!


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