Wood and Steel Staircases for Modern Homes

Wood and steel staircases are a must if you are decorating a modern home. They look amazing without compromising safety.
Wood and Steel Staircases for Modern Homes

Last update: 14 January, 2020

Today we want to dedicate our post to a special element present in many modern homes – wood and steel staircases. They’re both functional and gorgeous, making them totally worth a full-on analysis. We also want to show you different examples to inspire you to find the perfect one for your home.

You won’t believe how much a simple staircase can offer to your home decor. The best part about them is that their steel rails add a visual bonus without compromising safety, which is essential for staircases.

A staircase can radically change your home.

Choose high-quality materials

wood and steel materials

Before diving into the different wood and steel staircase models, let’s take a moment to cover a series of important aspects.

It’s logical that an element as important as a staircase, which is usually custom-ordered, doesn’t come cheap. We recommend avoiding economical models or staircases that use poor-quality materials to cut costs.

In the long run, cheap staircases will end up being more expensive because they won’t stand the test of time. You should also consider the fact that you can’t change a staircase as easily as you would a bed, dresser or couch. Repairs and renovations will be pricey. In the end, aim to choose a quality staircase and make compromises on other furniture pieces instead.

Staircases can make your home seem bigger

wood and steel bigger

More often than not, homeowners have to squeeze their staircases into a small, dark area. If you go for an integrated wood model or one with thick rails, you might risk making your home seem smaller than it actually is.

In these situations, wood and steel staircases are a great solution. They help make spaces look bigger. In the image above, you can get a clear idea of how they work.

The staircase in the image shows a square base that’s installed in a small corner of the home. The thin, metal rail is key to the design. Study how the stairs create continuity in the space while reflecting light to help the setting seem much more open than it actually is.

Perfect for underground or industrial homes

wood and steel underground

Wood and steel staircases are perfect for modern homes. They can have different styles, all beautiful, depending on the design, materials, and colors.

These staircases are especially fitting for modern underground or industrial homes. The combination of wood and metal evokes images of old factories, workshops or similar buildings.

If you go for a wood and steel staircase in your industrial home, we want to recommend a specific design. Look for staircases with rustic, natural wood. In addition, choose dark metals with a derelict vibe to create a perfect match with its surroundings.

An infinite number of designs

wood and steel designs

Did some of our examples look gorgeous but seem to be lacking in safety? Indeed, some of them aren’t the best option for homes with children. But wood and steel staircases come in a huge variety so you won’t have a problem finding the right design for your home.

Just as you can see above, you can find models that are very safe  and still beautiful.

Wood and metal staircases are a wonderful option for modern homes. They aren’t only practical but also play a big role in home decor. They offer quality, safety and top design for your home.