How To Make Macrame Wall Hangings

A macrame wall hanging mixes innovation, originality, traditionalism, and bohemian character.
How To Make Macrame Wall Hangings

Last update: 06 August, 2020

In the interior design world, there are so many options for wall decorations. You can use different colors, pictures, or even vinyl stickers on your walls. If you want to create an original focal piece though, we’ll help you make macrame wall hangings.

Generally, many people limit themselves to basic decorative elements. However, with so many possibilities, there are plenty of ways to add some unique style and energy to your home.

Macrame wall hangings aren’t something new. This is a resource that people have used for centuries. But it’s now becoming a trend. There are so many different types and colors, which makes it an interesting element for any room.

Aesthetically, what can macrame wall hangings add?

Some macrame wall hangings are colorful.

This decorative element can add a lot to an interior. It gives a unique touch to any room. These wall hangings create something that other elements don’t have, because of their format and aesthetics.

In reality, this is a very versatile medium. It can create a more bohemian look. However, it can also work with classic, formal styles. These pieces create curious contrasts between the wall and the hanging.

Macrame wall hangings contribute innovation and originality combined with traditionalism and antiquity. They can almost appear to be vintage.

-If you want to stand out and decorate using a new trend, you can’t go wrong with macrame wall hangings.-

Creating macrame wall hangings – 4 steps to follow

Macrame wall hangings can be understated.

When making macrame wall hangings, keep in mind that this process can be a bit tedious and requires patience. Of course, there are many ways to create them. You can also use as many colors as you wish and combine them to get the look you want. These are the first 4 steps:

  1. First, you need the necessary materials. You’ll need thick threads of different colors. You’ll also need a cardboard rectangle about the size of your palm, as well as scissors.
  2. The next step is to twist the thread over the ends of the cardboard, but with enough space so that you can remove the cardboard. This way you’ll still have a circular shape in the thread. Then, you need to push the remaining thread through the central hole and tie a knot.
  3. Once you’ve created a circular shaped rope, you can begin to create knots in the threads, following a decorative pattern.
  4. Finally, you should cut the threads so they hang at the desired height. Then, you just need to hang it on the wall!

Remember, the threads and knots are part of the design itself. You should consider and plan a design before you begin.

Making macrame wall hangings

A black and gold tassel decoration.

To create a beautiful wall hanging, you’ll need to combine the threads. The aim is to create an element that will cover a large part of the wall.

Another option is to hang the wall hanging on a metal rod or on top of other fabrics. You can even use interwoven threads with tassels on them.

-Give free rein to your imagination while working on this type of wall hanging.-

Where to put your wall hanging

A black and gold decorative element on the wall.

The living room is perfect to hang this mural. However, you don’t have to put it somewhere where it’s very prominent. Instead, you can place it where it will complement the rest of the decoration.

These also look great in hallways. They help create a mood for your house and the walls. Macrame wall hangings can be a subtle element to place next to pictures and photos on the wall.

Finally, you can also make these wall hangings a focal point of any room. For example, you can use one in the hallway or dining room, instead of placing it in more private rooms such as the bedroom. That way, both you and your guests can admire the wall hanging.

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