Easy Hacksfor IKEA's SKÅDIS Pegboard

Let's see all the ways you can hack the SKÅDIS IKEA pegboard, a bestseller for this company.
Easy Hacksfor IKEA's SKÅDIS Pegboard

Last update: 21 April, 2021

Do you like to transform furniture and give it your personal touch? It can be very comforting, right? That’s why we’ve prepared this article with some excellent ideas to hack IKEA’s SKÅDIS board.

This board is one of the most simple pieces sold in these Swedish stores. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a simple pegboard. Shall we begin?


How can you hack IKEA’s SKÅDIS pegboard?

This pegboard is, without a doubt, IKEA’s bestseller. It’s very useful because you can start organizing your work area, and you can also keep your bags in the closet.

The SKÅDIS pegboard comes in white metal or wood, and it’s a bestseller because of how functional it is. It offers storage solutions to all kinds of needs and, in case you need more, it comes in different sizes.

There are more complements of the same kind to personalize your pegboard, such as shelves or containers. These are great ideas to help you hack the pegboard.

Keeping your desk in order

The SKÅDIS pegboard is mostly used as a storage solution for desks. You only need to fix it to the wall and add as many shelves and containers as you need.

It’s great for small rooms, when you don’t have enough space for boxes or drawers where to put your papers in. If you get a metal pegboard, you can use magnets, for example.

For all your favorite accessories

If you’re a fan of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and all kinds of jewelry, but your dresser can’t take any more of it, you need to get a pegboard.

Thanks to the pegs on the board, you can organize and keep your jewelry on view. Place them in line so they’ll look cute and organized.

How to hack the SKÅDIS pegboard in the kitchen

Imagine what you can do for your kitchen! If you use the pegboard on one of the walls, you can add accessories, hooks, and shelves to keep everything at hand.

We recommend you use  SUNNERSTA containers to create a small kitchen garden, so you can everything nearby to make a delicious dish.

Organizing your bathroom

We’re sure you have a lot of bottles in the bathroom and you don’t know where to put them. If you do, this accessory will become your favorite and you can magically clear the bathroom cabinet. The only thing worth noting is that everything will be on view, so try to keep everything organized.

Using the SKÅDIS pegboard on each side of the bed

If you have a small bedroom, you probably don’t have enough space for nightstands. Well, using the SKÅDIS pegboard can solve this problem.

Fix it to the wall and add some small shelves so you can put your alarm clock, glasses and whatever book you’re reading there. Use your imagination and you’ll see the many possibilities.

For tools and crafts

If you enjoy crafting or use a lot of tools, the SKÅDIS pegboard can be great. It’s very useful to keep your tools and craft materials in order. You can paint it in different colors to make it more fun to look at.

For the little ones

The SKÅDIS pegboard will be a success in any kid’s room. Think of all the things you can hang on it! Some people use it to organize Lego, crayons, or even favorite books.

IKEA’s SKÅDIS pegboard offers you a lot of possibilities. It all depends on how creative you want to be. You can place it almost anywhere and hang a lot of things from it.

It’ll be amazingly helpful to keep things in order in your office, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc.

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