It's Great to Fill Your Kitchen with Aromatic Plants

An indoor herb garden is handy to have in the kitchen. Here are the varieties that are easy to grow.
It's Great to Fill Your Kitchen with Aromatic Plants

Last update: 09 November, 2020

Decorate your kitchen with aromatic plants and in addition, use them to flavor your dishes. Does it sound like a good idea?

Is there a better idea than decorating your kitchen with plants and using them to enhance your cooking? So if you feel like having your own aromatic plant garden and you don’t know how to create it or how to use it, today’s your lucky day.

Read on and you’ll discover a delicious handful of ideas to use plants in your recipes without worrying about the space to grow them. Start planting!

Aromatic plants – from the pot to the pan

A variety of aromatic plants growing in a kitchen


With the necessary care, a little bit of love, and some patience, you’ll have healthy aromatic plants that are beautiful and delicious to season all of your dishes.

The first thing you need to know is that aromatic plants in general, grow well inside and don’t tend to require much light. Consequently, this makes them ideal for decorating the kitchen. Depending on the space and your tastes, you’ll be able to decide which ones are going to reach your palate.

Never-fail parsley


One of the basic condiments of Mediterranean cooking is parsley, with its unique bright green leaves. Sometimes they are curly, which gives an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

It constantly needs to be watered a little bit and it loves exposure to indirect sunlight. Another trait is that its leaves are perennial so you’ll have parsley throughout the entire year. What’s more, did you know that it’s a digestive, a diuretic and an antioxidant?

Aromatic plants – basil

A large flower pot with basil growing


If you like Italian food, this is one of the aromatic plants in your kitchen that you can’t do without. It’s a perfect condiment for pasta and its leaves have a very characteristic aroma.

Even though it’s aroma is very appealing, insects hate it. Because of that, it’s considered a natural insect repellent for mosquitoes. So it’s perfect for decorating windows, balconies, or gardens.

Thyme – for your health

A flower pot with thyme growing in it

There are a lots of spices, but whichever one you choose, it’s thyme that you must have in your kitchen. It blossoms in spring and has the prettiest flowers in lovely tones of white, pink and violet.

Thyme has a very characteristic aroma. In addition to being ideal to season any dish, it’s an excellent digestive infusion. Additionally, it has disinfectant and antiseptic properties and supposedly it’s an expectorant and cough suppressant. What’s more, it’s one of the aromatic plants that experts recommend as a treatment for colds.

Here, you’ll learn the benefits of a thyme infusion, how to prepare it and when you can use it to combat minor ailments. Do you want to learn about all of this?

How do you take care of aromatic plants?

Pots with aromatic plants hanging by a window

If you aren’t a great gardener, the good news is that aromatic plants require little care. However, it’s important that they receive enough natural light, but without direct sun, and are protected from drafts.

You’ll need a flower pot with drainage to avoid waterlogging. If the plants are from the Mediterranean, they’ll need moisture, without watering them too much, and preferably water them in the morning so that they grow healthily.

Aromatic plants don’t do well with fertilizers due to the fact that they can change their flavor. Guano is the best option to feed the plants. Check on Amazon for the available options.

As you can see, aromatic plants have a lot of benefits for the kitchen – you can eat them, and they are pretty and decorative. In addition, they’re easy to care for. So hop to it and make yourself an edible garden!

You can put these plants in flower pots, boxes, hang them on the wall, on a shelf in the high part of the kitchen or in decorated little bottles. So go ahead and explore your creativity!