Children's Libraries that will Surprise You

There is a significant number of children's libraries that have managed to reinvent the relationship between books and children. We'll explore a few of them in this article.
Children's Libraries that will Surprise You

Last update: 28 June, 2020

There are several children’s libraries around the world that would take your breath away. These libraries compete for children’s attention, along with TV, video games, and the Internet. In these times, reading is the farthest thing from children’s minds because they’re distracted by technology.

However, the library is the best place for children to surround themselves with other children and adults who appreciate reading. When they enter a library, they immerse themselves in the world of books.

In this article, we’ll describe some of the most breathtaking children’s libraries because of their design. They’ve managed to restore the relationship between books and childhood.

The interior design of these spaces are true jewels of architecture and decoration. They offer children dynamic and playful spaces and they’ll enjoy them so much that they’ll still want to visit them well into adulthood.

Muyinga Library, Burundi

Muyinga Library in Burundi is one of the unique children's libraries.

This library was built with local materials and the labor of the local population. It was designed by the Belgian studio BC architects and it is the first library in Muyinga, Burundi.

Designers analyzed African architecture, construction technologies, and local materials for this project. These factors determined the structure and materials used to build the library.

A great example of the end product is a long corridor, which is the axis of the library. This is a common element in African architecture because it defines social importance.

The facade responds to local climatic conditions. The high interior contains cross ventilation to keep the air cool and moisture-free. A double-height area in one of the rooms faces the street, creating a special area for the youngest readers.

Muyinga Library contains a special seating corner because group reading is important. A huge hammock made of sisal rope as a mezzanine hangs from the ceiling as children get tired, so they can rest next to their books.

Brentwood Library, Tennessee, USA

Brentwood Library is one of the biggest children's libraries in Tennessee.

Brentwood Library is one of the largest libraries in Tennessee. It has several reading areas, conference rooms, and an exceptional children’s area. The children’s area in particular immerses visitors in a fantasy world.

Its interior design consists of large books, real trees, and many cozy corners. Children can easily get lost in reading here.

The idea for the children’s area originates from the most popular children’s storybooks because the designers wanted to create a unique place. An open book welcomes children at its entrance and invites them to discover new worlds and let their imagination run wild.

I always imagined paradise as a kind of library.

-Jorge Luis Borges-

Hjorring Library, Metropol, Denmark

The rooms in Hjorring Library are connected by a red ribbon.

Designed by Bosch & Fjord, Hjorring Library stands out for its interesting structure of spaces connected by a long red ribbon. This library portrays a playful environment where children can enjoy reading, play, and find surprises.

The red ribbon runs through the entire library, taking on various forms along the way. It becomes a shelf, a threshold, a path, or simply a decorative object.

The route of this ribbon begins at the entrance, leading the visitor to the main counter. From there, the ribbon splits in two, adapting to the needs of the area.

It takes off from the ground to different heights. This ribbon contributes greatly to the color of the interior design. The designers wanted the ribbon to extend outside the building; however, that didn’t happen.

The children’s section stands out for its colors and a VIP section for parents, and it accommodates children’s activities.

On a large white wall, there are seats with individual lights for reading, in the form of colored holes in the wall. The section also has a tree-shaped game and a slide located between two shelves.

Soneva Kiri Library, Koh Kood Island, Thailand

Soneva Kiri Library in Thailand is one of the children's libraries that will take your breath away.

This library is located in the complex of the 6-star Hotel & Resort Soneva Kiri. It’s located on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. This complex is projected as a series of ecological icons, paying special attention to design.

The most outstanding area is the children’s learning center because it provides a wide range of entertainment for children, combined with greater ecological awareness.

The learning space has an auditorium and cinema, in addition to an art room, a music room, and a fashion room.

A bamboo manta ray hangs above the bay to offer spectacular views and the structure and roof are built with Thai bamboo.

Soneva Kiri Library adopts all the bioclimatic aspects surrounding it, with a mainly humid tropical climate.

It’s extremely important to have libraries like these to spark the love of reading in children because books are so valuable for learning.

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