Bioclimatic Gyms: The Idea Behind Bioclimatic Architecture

Do you know about bioclimatic gyms? They're environment-friendly, sustainable, and make the most out of the resources used. Would you like to find out more about them? Keep reading.
Bioclimatic Gyms: The Idea Behind Bioclimatic Architecture

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Bioclimatic architecture has become popular recently, especially in the construction of large cities. A new trend we’ve seen recently is bioclimatic gyms. Don’t know about them? Read this article to find out more.

What is bioclimatic architecture?

Environment-friendly bioclimatic architecture.

Bioclimatic architecture is the design of buildings that considers the climatic conditions surrounding them. To reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, the design uses the resources available. These can be the sun, vegetation, rain or wind.

This architecture uses ecological and bio-construction procedures. This applies to the materials and the construction process. The use of non-toxic materials is essential. Bioclimatic architecture provides people with comfortable buildings with low pollutant emissions.

What are the main features of bioclimatic construction?

Two treadmills in a gym in front of the ocean.
  • The orientation is according to the position of the sun to maximize natural light.
  • Crystals that protect from solar radiation may be needed. This will depend on the location of the construction.
  • There must be thermal insulation. Some of the techniques used to achieve this are thick walls or burying buildings. As a result, there’s heat retention during winter and heat isolation during summer. This translates into less use of heating or air conditioning systems.
  • To keep the spaces ventilated and healthy, the use of cross ventilation is vital.
  • The materials should always be natural, renewable and as close as possible to the area of construction. This is the best way to minimize environmental pollution. Wood and stone are indispensable. However, each region has different kinds of these materials so their use will depend on the construction requirements.
  • Recycling waste is essential. Garbage can be compost for gardens, shower water can be used as irrigation, etc.

Some examples of bioclimatic gyms

We all know that gyms are one of the spaces that use the most amount of resources. This is why it’s a smart idea to create bioclimatic gyms. They may be more expensive and need greater investment, but the profits are certainly higher as the costs are significantly lower than those of regular gyms.

For the construction of bioclimatic gyms, it’s important to take into account the principles of this type of architecture. There are several bioclimatic gyms in the world. Let’s check them out.

In Australia

One of the most popular bioclimatic gyms in the world, located in Australia.

The Milson Island Gymnasium is located in the state of New South Wales, Australia. In the past, this island was a hospital and a prison. Today, it’s a recreational center for young people that promotes health.

Its steel structure fits into the natural environment thanks to the wooden frames and the uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling glazing. This allows visitors to contemplate the exterior landscape.

Its curves follow the principle of natural ventilation. Light enters through the roof windows, as well as through the glass.

In Mexico

One of the first bioclimatic gyms created, located in Mexico.

Esquema México, a psychotherapy institute, was in charge of designing one of the few bioclimatic gyms in the world. It’s in Chiapas, Mexico. Interestingly, the main inspiration for its designers was human DNA

The building is divided into three levels (just as those that help maintain healthy DNA!) On the ground floor, people can get in touch with their inner selves with yoga classes and pilates. Or they can head to the spa to relax.

On the second floor, they can work on their physical strength. There you can find exercise equipment such as weights, chest-press machines, and leg-press machines. Finally, the third level represents a healthy life, where natural and organic juices are served. They also serve all kinds of healthy food grown in the bioclimatic gym itself.

As you can see, sustainable construction is a big part of modern-day living. The idea of bioclimatic gyms is incredible for environmentally friendly concepts.

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