Must-Have Gardening Tools

Want to set up a garden but have doubts about the basic tools you need to buy? Read about the essential tools you'll need in our post today.
Must-Have Gardening Tools

Last update: 18 October, 2019

If you’re a plant-lover, you probably have a balcony or a small yard. Not many things in life can bring so much joy like being able to dedicate a little time to plants in the home. Gardening is an activity that has many physical and psychological benefits.

If you’re new to gardening, today’s post is for you. We’re going to go over the essential set of gardening tools that you’ll need at home to help enhance your gardening experience. They’re also important for keeping your plants healthy.

You should at least have a basic set of tools. The tools you’ll need, however, will vary depending on the size of your garden or balcony. Let’s start with the most basic and move on to others that bigger spaces will require.

Gardening tools for small spaces

gardening tools small spaces

It’ll be easier for you to gather your tools if you have a balcony or smaller garden. But despite needing less equipment, make sure that what you buy is high-quality and designed to make your job easier without harming the plants. Basic gardening tools are the following:

  • A pair of quality gloves. Gloves are always necessary for transplants, preparing substrates or handling rose bushes.
  • Pruning shears. Look for smaller, one-handed models. Pruning shears are crucial for gardening as they help you cut plants without hurting them.
  • Watering can. Absolutely necessary. Watering plants with a hose isn’t always the best option for plants. As long as your garden is small, you should opt to water them with a watering can. Look for a product that won’t allow water to drip down when upright. You’ll also need a watering can to dilute fertilizer.
  • Hand shovel. You’ll need a shovel to dig, mix substrates or remove dirt. They come in different models and sizes. Try to buy a set of three different types.
  • Weeder. Weeders are handy to have around for removing weeds.
  • Spray bottle. You’ll need a spray body to keep your plants hydrated as well as to fumigate them when necessary.

Gardening tools for medium-sized spaces

gardening tools medium

If you have a garden that’s a bit larger, you’ll need to add a few more tools to your basic set. They’ll be a big help for keeping up with maintenance.

  • Small rake. A small rake will be very useful for breaking up lumps in the dirt and for aerating the compost. Make sure to choose yours carefully as some rakes are stronger than others.
  • Short hedge shears. If you have a hedge border, pruning shears won’t be enough to keep them healthy and beautiful. You’ll need a bigger pair of shears to get the job done.
  • Shovel. Shovels have many uses in a garden. You can use them to transplant or dig whenever necessary.

More must-haves for your gardening basics

We’ve listed all the necessary tools for your gardening toolset. But besides tools, you’ll also need certain products and materials that will aid your gardening. Make sure you check them off your list.

  • Pieces of broken pots: you’ll need broken pot pieces to place at the bottom of your flower pots to create a drainage system.
  • Pots, plates, and seedbeds: plastic pots and plates will help you with transplanting as well as serve as a transit pot for growing plants. Seedbeds are essential for growing your plants from seeds.
  • Try to keep everything clean and keep string in different sizes on hand. In addition, rods or wooden sticks will also come in handy as supports for your plants.

Keeping your gardening tools in good condition

gardening tools maintenance

Try to keep your tools in good condition. Having a smaller, quality set is better than a bigger, cheaper set. There is nothing more frustrating than having a tool break on you because it wasn’t strong enough. Choose materials that don’t deteriorate if in contact with water  or damp conditions.

Wrapping up, remember to store your tools in an appropriate place. Make a nice shelf with baskets or boxes to keep things clean and orderly. Your plants will thank you for it and you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time in the garden.