Decorate Your Home with LEGO

Learn how to decorate your home with LEGO blocks.
Decorate Your Home with LEGO

Last update: 18 December, 2019

In our post today, learn how to decorate your home with LEGO. Regardless of whether you have children or not, LEGO ideas are a fun and original decor.

Never heard of LEGO? LEGO is a Danish toy company. Their company name says it all – it comes from the words “leg godt“, which means “play well”.

Their iconic building bricks— which we’ve all played with at some point– are their most well-known product. In fact, the bricks even won the company the title “Toy of the Century”.

The shape of the bricks that we know today first started in 1958. LEGO explains that the way the bricks stack on top of each other makes them a unique building device, making any kind of construction possible. Continue reading our post to learn some of our decor ideas with LEGO.

And if you’re a LEGO fan, you have to go to their theme parks all over the world. Also, remember that you can use the bricks to create something new (check out our examples later) or simply use them just as they are as a decor element.

Don’t forget that you can find special themes in LEGO products such as Harry Potter – they’ll look awesome as a decor accessory.

1. Picture or mirror frame

LEGO frame

Let’s start off with a simple idea. Picture frames are an easy DIY craft. Whether you make a horizontal or vertical frame, just remember to use your favorite colors and mix them together however you please – randomly, following a pattern…

You can also place all the pieces to form a straight line or just the opposite for a more dynamic design.

2. Desk organizer

LEGO desk organizer

Aside from being very cute, a LEGO desk organizer will come in handy. Just as you might have a make-up, clothes, shoe or toy organizer… you can also benefit from having one on your desk. It’ll look great in children’s rooms.

Simply fit your LEGO together to form a square or rectangular organizer. Just as with the previous craft, choose your favorite colored blocks or mix them all up.

Make sure that your organizer is tall enough to hold pencils, scissors or other office supplies. Feel free to make several organizers in different sizes to place at each corner of a desk.

3. Decorate a glass table

LEGO table

While our next idea might not work in any home, you’ll love it. If you have a glass table, try fitting LEGO pieces in between the table structure and the glass tabletop to cover the entire surface.

If you prefer, use certain colors that work with your decor setting and use white or black pieces to write out a message or make a design.

But make sure to keep the rest of your room simple or the overall result could be overwhelming.

4. Bigger LEGO projects

LEGO idea

Our last idea– on our list anyway– is using LEGO for bigger home decor projects. They can work well for children’s rooms or maximalist-style homes. These bricks hold plenty of decor possibilities.

You can scatter them across a room or use them to build tables (entire tables or just the structure to hold a tabletop), benches, shelves or couches. Some people have even used them to make walls within their homes to separate their rooms.

And there are plenty more ideas out there. The key is letting your creativity soar so you can try out every LEGO idea for your home decor.

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