Hanging Shoe Organizers

When it comes to organizing your home it's important to keep your footwear from clogging the floor. This is when hanging shoe organizers become a very useful resource.
Hanging Shoe Organizers

Last update: 05 October, 2019

Footwear can be a real pain in the ‘foot’ when it comes to keeping your home tidy. Nowadays every person has several pairs of shoes for all sorts of occasions: sandals, boots, runners, etc. Hanging shoe organizers are a great solution and will hardly take any space.

You can have a place to store footwear in the bedroom, in the dressing room and even in the entrance. There are, however, some pieces of furniture that occupy too much space and that, in turn, cannot accommodate all of it.

So, a feasible solution is to install hanging shoe organizers. They’ll make your life a lot easier and won’t take up too much space because they can adapt to any place without hindering your movements.

Hanging shoe organizers

You may not know what a hanging shoe organizer is or what it looks like. It’s not, in fact, a common thing because most shoe storage is on the floor or in the closet and takes way too much space.

This kind of storage unit is about a system of distribution for storing shoes in different areas. They’re available in cloth or as a metal rack and have a hook on the top to attach to any vertical surface at eye level.

There are many types of hanging shoe organizers. Some are wider than others and have more sections to put the footwear in. Then there are some smaller ones that can only accommodate about 10 pairs of shoes.

We try to maintain order at home for our comfort and well-being.

Types of hanging shoe organizers

A few pairs of hanging shoes.

There are several types and some of them are actually sculptural so you can easily integrate them into your decor. The following 3 are currently the best sellers on the market:

  • The cloth hanging shoe rack: it consists of many compartments to place the shoes in. It comes in various sizes and usually has a rod for hanging.
  • Metal rack: This is a simpler, less striking design. You could say it’s much more functional than the previous ones as it offers gives the option of storing your footwear in pairs. It has no decor value whatsoever.
  • Shoe organizer for the door: If you’d rather keep your shoes out of sight there’s a type of organizer that hangs behind a door.

In short, all of these are great for organizing your space. No doubt you’ll be pleased with any of them.

Where to hang them?

Perhaps you’re not sure where to place a hanging shoe organizer because it requires a high point to attach it to and enough space for it. Here are a few ideas:

  • In the dressing room: if you have one then hang it on a rod or a clothing rack. Just keep it away from your clothes to prevent bad odors from sneaking in.
  • Behind a door: You can hang one in your bedroom, dressing room or even a closet. There are many types of shoe organizers to suit any door.
  • Attach them directly to the wall: Another possibility is to just screw the shoe organizer to a wall. However, this method would require tools.

Door hanging shoe organizers

A door organizer.

A hanging shoe rack guarantees a wonderful space-saving spot for your shoes. You’re basically liberating the space you used before on the floor and utilizing unused, dead space, for the most part.

Isn’t it great to be able to have a place for your shoes that’s not an eyesore and doesn’t take any floor space? These organizers are, in fact, very functional elements.

In short, a hanging shoe organizer will help you correct the distribution of space in your home. Your guests will understand the importance you give to order when they don’t see any shoes during their visits.


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