DIY Decoration: Spruce up Your House Without Spending!

There's a way to decorate your home without spending lots of money, and we're going to show you what that is. Change the look and feel of your house with these easy-to-do ideas!
DIY Decoration: Spruce up Your House Without Spending!

Last update: 05 June, 2019

Everyone wants their house to look lovely, but a small budget can get in the way of that. Luckily, there’s lots of furniture and nice accessories that you can make yourself. Plus, it’ll give you a new hobby to spend your time on. Give your home a personal touch with these ideas on DIY decoration!

DIY decoration to keep you from spending

A pallet bed

A woman is standing on top of a pallet bed as diy decoration

Using pallets in interior decorating has become a major trend with no signs of letting up. It’s honestly amazing how many things you can do with them, and how cheap they are. Just look at this white pallet bed frame, which is perfect for a kid’s room. You can also use it as a relaxation area, and not just as a bed.

Glass flowerpots

Glass, hanging flowerpots are hanging up in a room.

Glass spheres are a perfect way to decorate without spending too much. In the photo above, some has made them with miniature plants. But you can put anything you want inside: origami, colorful stones, etc…Let your creativity run free!

A photo wall

A photo mural is hanging on a wall along string lights.

Hanging multiple rows of string lights up along your wall and putting photos on them is a great way to fill a room with memories. It works especially well with polaroids and clothespins, but remember, this is all about adding your own personal touch, so feel free to get creative!

A shelf

A wooden shelf is standing beside a couch.

Wooden crates are another fundamental part of DIY decoration. You can use them for a shoebox, a coffee table, or even a shelf, like in the picture above. Whether you’re going to display books or another decorative accessory, this will look great in any room. You can also leave it its natural color or use chalk paint to add some color.

An eco-friendly clothes rack

An eco-friendly clothes rack with light clothes hanging from it.

With a wooden branch and a bit of rope, you can create your own open-air wardrobe to hang clothes from. What else could be so easy, and have such amazing results?

A chic desk

A chic desk with a lot of small decorations sitting in and on top of it.

This is a great example of a way to use wooden crates for your DIY decoration. Paint them white and find a flat wooden board to make yourself a big desk full of places to store your things. You can make it as wide and tall as you need to, and play around with the accessories and color. 

Bathroom organizers

Mason jars are holding various bathroom accessories, fixed to a wooden board.

Mason jars are an absolute marvel, and not just when it comes to decoration. In this case, you can use them as bathroom storage items. Not only does it look nice, but it’s also super easy to do.

A garden

Herb plants hanging from a wooden pallet.

Take some recycled glass, plastic, or metal containers and make yourself an urban garden for all your favorite herbs! Not only do they smell great, but you’ll also have them on hand for some delicious home cooking, too. Wooden boards and pallets are also a great thing to hang them on and make for a nice touch.

Hanging shelves

Two hanging shelves with accessories on them for diy decoration

All you need are a few wooden boards and some string. You can hang them like in the picture above, or just tie something to the two ends of the wood. You can put some light-weight flowerpots on them, or some other subtle, sophisticated decor item.

A mirror organizer

A mirror organizer as diy decoration

A wooden board and a mirror are the stars of this DIY decoration idea. It’s perfect if you like to stay organized. As you can see in the picture, you can add as many mini shelves as you need to make this work. 

Plus, if you like woodworking, you can even do this yourself. Otherwise, there are lots of home improvements stores out there that can cut the boards to the size you like.

More pallets

Wooden pallets as a couch support.

As we said, pallets are a total obsession in the decor world right now, and they’re perfect as couches. Make a relaxing space in your house with just a couple pallets and a colorful mattress. You can also use pallets as a coffee table.

Tin containers

Tins as yarn storage containers - diy decoration

Taking old tins, painting them, and adding a wooden top is also a great DIY decoration option. If you need some ideas on how to do this successfully, there’s lots of material online.

You can get some great results without spending much money at all. Decorate your house with things you can make yourself! It’s very therapeutic and will give your home a more personal feel.