Must-Have Home Decor Accessories

Decorative accessories can change your home's look and feel completely. Use these details to give it a face-lift.
Must-Have Home Decor Accessories

Last update: 18 March, 2019

You can use accessories to give your home personality. They’re the final touch to your home decor and represent who you are. Choose them carefully and change them every once in a while, or use pieces that’ll become a classic decor for your home.

Remember that aside from being decorative elements, they should also be personal and some even functional as well. If you use a blanket to cozy up and watch TV, pick out a nice one that matches your living room. But it should also be comfortable and keep you warm.

You can nail a wonderful home decor by using accessories without having to make as many investments as you would with designer furniture. So keep on reading and let’s decorate your home!

Basic accessories

Say “yes” to natural fiber

natural fiber 1

Natural fiber– and if it’s artisan, that’s even better— is an absolute must this year. You can find natural fiber light fixtures, rugs, curtains, baskets and plenty of other products. But if you really want a beautiful decor, try hanging fiber plates on your wall.


bedding 2

Using a combination of fabrics and textures is a great way to harmonize a setting. You can completely change the feel of your home by just changing your textiles. Play around with bolder colors to sprinkle joy around your rooms and go with neutral colors for your curtains and bedspreads.

Decorative pillows

pillows 3

Make sure they’re plush and comfy. Decorative pillows give living rooms and bedrooms plenty of personalityMix and match the shapes, sizes, and colors. Don’t be scared to use different prints together. They’re a great, economical way of changing up your home decor.


accessories 4

Candles create wonderful, cozy settings thanks to their light and fragrance – if you choose an aromatic one that is. Arrange several differently-sized candles together, use a candle-holder or a metallic plate for Bohemian home decor.


plants 5

It’s no secret that plants are amazing for home decor. Aside from filling any room with life and color, they can balance settings and bring you joy. And that’s coming from NASA; scientists conducted a study with plants such as snake plant, palm trees, fig trees, and devil’s ivy to test the best plants for improving air quality.

Light fixtures

light fixtures

Simply by lighting up a setting, lights can create a great ambiance. We recommend having a light fixture in three of the four corners of a room. Use different kinds: ceiling, standing, table or wall lamps. Try out different light intensities and materials for each one. Light fixtures are full of possibility and will liven up your home.


art 5

Hang up posters, original pictures, photographs, and real artwork that’ll make your home truly original. You don’t need to spend a fortune on art. You can browse pieces by artists who are trying to make a name for themselves and find art at a reasonable price.

Special dish set

accessories 6

Are you familiar with ceramic art? Take a look at what’s out there to find beautiful pieces that were made for homes with love. Nona Bruna is a great example. She creates marvelous pieces and also organizes workshops. You can create an intimate setting that’s full of creativity by using original works of art here and there throughout your home. Ready to get decorating?