4 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Plates

Today, we'll show you some wall decor ideas using some plates for a little originality.
4 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Plates

Last update: 28 January, 2021

It might sound weird at first, but using plates for wall decoration is becoming a huge home decor trend. But plate decor isn’t anything new. A long time ago, people used plates to adorn their walls but it’s a bit of an older, out-dated decor.

However, reinventing decorative plates for our home walls seem like a great way to use our creative side. Walls aren’t just for hanging pictures. Let your imagination fly free and create wonderful things. Say goodbye to boring walls.

You can play around with all kinds of shapes and colors, decorating just the way you want. Remember to always follow your home style though. But don’t worry, in our post today, we’ll give you some inspiring ideas to freshen up your home with new decor. Adding a little originality to your home has never been so easy!

1. Start by planning

Plates planning

At first, creating a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing plate layout can be challenging. You might not be envisioning the end result that you want in order to position them correctly, or maybe you’re not sure of where they’ll look the best, how many to hang, or what color plates to use.

But, it’s all easier than it seems. Just pick a style to follow and hang them in a logical way that works with the other elements of your home.

Before starting anything, you should plan everything out. Planning prior to hanging your plates will help you get an idea of how you want the layout to be.

A good idea is drawing out an outline of a plate on some paper and taping it up, with a tape that doesn’t leave behind marks on your wall.

That way, you can have a real-life sample of what the result will look like. You can move them around as much as you like to see what works best for you.

2. Plate materials

In some cultures, more traditional homes, and even vacation homes, very commonly showcased dishes in patios or on porches. These dishes we normally made with clay because ceramic is a sturdy material. As for the designs, most of them are decorated with scenery or floral patterns. These kinds of dishes are a tad out-dated.

However, vintage takes some of these elements and repurposes them while adding an extra touch. If your house has a vintage style, you can use these plates on your walls.

Platos en tonos azules.

Regardless of whether you use them outdoors or indoors, we suggest using ceramic. They’re some of the most beautiful options while lasting for the longest time. People are starting to use other materials as well though. Wooden, glass or copper plates are other options that can add a special style to your home.

Using plates as a decorative element lets us release our  creativity. Anything goes as long as it doesn’t break up the balance of your home. So, you can personalize them and hang them up however you like. If you’re crafty, you could even decorate them yourself. It’s definitely a decor that’ll surprise your guests.

3. Geometric shapes

You have a lot of options in your hand for plate decor. One of our favorite ideas is creating geometric shapes. To give you an idea, you can arrange them into a triangle, rectangle or even a diamond. It sounds a little bizarre, but the end result is stunning.

With this idea, you can play with color, size, and shape. You can opt to bunch your dishes together or space them out a bit. When you’re hanging them up, there are no rules. You can even use classic elements and give them a modern feel. If your home has a shabby chic or vintage style, this wall idea will be a perfect fit.

4. Ordering by color and size

Plates color size

Another layout idea focuses on size. You can arrange the bigger plates on the top and use smaller and smaller plates as you go down, using the smallest plates on the bottom. Or the other way around. You could even hang them all together, in no particular order.

Another idea is laying them out by color. You can use dark colors and create some contrast by mixing them with lighter ones. Or, if you like a lot of color at home, you can try using brightly colored plates.

If you have a wall at home that’s desperately in need of something different, plates are what you need. Go on and give them a try!