Bicycle Wheels for Home Decor

Bike wheels can have a second life as home decor. They can create an original, alternative setting.
Bicycle Wheels for Home Decor

Last update: 28 November, 2019

Believe it or not, you can transform an everyday object into a piece of home decor. It’s simply a matter of switching the context and giving them an artistic transformation. With a new perspective, you can use bicycle wheels to decorate your home.

A tire, as functional and as simple as it is, can become an interesting decor piece for your home. You just have to prepare it for its new life as a decor accessory.

Then you need to find a place to put it. The perfect spot will let it fulfill its new role as a dynamically original decor accessory.

Don’t throw away your bicycle, recycle it instead

If you have a bike that you don’t use but don’t know what to do with it, throwing it out isn’t your only option. Instead, give it a second life with a different use.

While you won’t be able to use the parts that are broken or worn down beyond repair, you might find other useable parts. If that’s the case, you should reuse them, especially for the sake of the environment.

But you might think – how can I use old bicycle wheels to make something new? As worn out and rusty as they are, they can offer a lot.

— You can make art out of anything. —

How can you prepare bike wheels for home decor?

bicycle tires preparation

First and foremost, check out the condition of the tire. Look to see if it’s bent or rusty. Both situations have a solution but a bicycle tire with imperfections can still make for great decor.

  • If you want to remove the rust, you’ll need a special acid to restore the metal to its original state. But rust can give the tire an antique, sophisticated feel.
  • You can also bleach it and create unique decor with the resulting effect.
  • Or, if you just want to change the original metal or rusty appearance, simple paint the wheel instead.

Wheels have a perfect shape for making a clock

bicycle wheels clock

A great idea for wheel decor is making one into a big wall clock. A bike wheel is the perfect shape for this.

  • In the center of the wheel, place a motor that can power the hands of the clock. Next, anchor the hands onto the gear and make sure that they can move correctly.
  • Fix the hour numbers onto the frame of the wheel.
  • Hang the clock high up on a wall in a visible spot. Not many homes can say they have a wheel clock so show it off.

Hang bicycle wheels on a wall

bicycle wheels wal

Hanging up various wheels on a wall is another cool idea. Don’t hang them up randomly or too symmetrically. Instead, try following an outline or a line to create movement.

You can also paint them in different colors or use different wheel sizes, but keep them proportional. Also, you can hang photos on them or use them as hangers. Or, just leave them as decor.

Make a wheel light fixture

bicycle wheels light fixture

Our next idea is very different and instead of going on the wall, it’ll hang from the ceiling. So, how can you decorate this light fixture?

  • Hang some lightbulbs from the frame of the wheel or just a single one from the center. The lights will hang beautifully in a circle or as a simple light fixture.
  • Another cool idea is hanging glass jars or bottles with a lightbulb inside.
  • But net lights, like the ones for Christmas, can offer a truly stunning decor.
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