Ideas to Make the Best of a Narrow Hallway

Hallways are a great way to showcase your decorations skills and give your home that harmonious functionality.
Ideas to Make the Best of a Narrow Hallway

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Making the best out of every space in your house will turn it into a comfortable, relaxed and intimate place where you can be yourself. A good idea is to make the best of that narrow hallway in your home.

If you have a small house, this is very important. You need to be smart and learn how to take advantage of the available space. This seems like a simple task for a kitchen, bathroom or living room.

The problem lies in doing the same for that often forgotten place, the hallway. It can be much more than just a connection between rooms, it must also be decorated.

Sometimes, hallways can be very, very narrow, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be decorated. Here are a few ideas to learn how to make the best of a narrow hallway.


The right colors to make the best of a narrow hallway

Before you start decorating, think about the colors you’ll be using for the hallway. Depending on which color you choose, it can make the hallway look shorter or longer.

Narrow hall

If you’d like the illusion of a long hallway, use warm and light colors. For a bolder look, make it two-toned – one color for the upper half and another color for the bottom half.

The right lighting means a lot

To make the best of a narrow hallway, choose light fixtures that are close to the ceiling. Hanging lamps will make the hallway look narrower. Place a few lights throughout the hallway, as long as it may be, to light up all of it.

Using furniture

You can put furniture in the hallway depending on how narrow it is. If you have enough space, choose small furniture, don’t block the walkway, and make it functional.

A small, built-in closet is a good option because you can store things in it. It’s best if you get one with sliding doors, so opening and closing it won’t be a problem in such a tight space.

A common space

The hallway is the first place you step into when you enter your house. If you don’t have room for furniture, there are other options available.

Narrow hallway
  • A coat rack to put your coats and jackets on. The coat rack works as a common space.
  • A shoe rack. As with the coat rack, you can put a small shoe rack next to the entrance door and leave your shoes there. This will help you avoid dirty floors.
  • A small table. Put this close to the door and you can put your house keys there, a decorative plant, or candles to create a cozy space.


Mirrors, art, and photographs

These three objects can add personality and originality to your home. Mirrors are the best option to make the best out of a narrow hallway, they don’t take up too much space and you’ll have the chance to take a look at your outfit before you leave the house.

A decorated hall.

Art and photographs will give it that original and personal touch. For a long hallway, position pictures in a balanced way. Don’t overcrowd the walls, because this can make the hallway look narrower.

Using the walls

If the hallway is too narrow to use any furniture because it’ll block the passage, use the walls to decorate and make them functional too.

Use hangers to hang things, such as:

  • Keys
  • Light bags
  • Jewelry
  • A wall light
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