Decorate with Mirrors to Give Your Home Some Personality!

Mirrors are a great decorative option for your walls, but they're also an interesting option if you want to change the feel of an entire room. They can completely transform the environment.
Decorate with Mirrors to Give Your Home Some Personality!

Last update: 03 August, 2019

Have you ever felt like you want to decorate with mirrors to give your home a bit more personality? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to give you some ideas and make you a mirror decoration expert.

Mirrors aren’t just an accessory. They also create a sense of depth in a room and bring more light into it. The key to that is simple: you just have to put them in the right place.

Decorate with mirrors to give your home personality

Mirrors can go well with any decorative style, and they’ll never go out of fashion. But you still have to use them correctly. Otherwise, a mirror can totally ruin the feel of a space.

You can use mirrors to amplify the light in the room, make it seem bigger, or just make it seem prettier. In other words, mirrors are like decor magicians.

You can also use mirrors for more practical things like hiding problems with your walls: holes, cracks, stains, etc…

A good reflection

A mirror can make a specific corner seem bigger, or call attention to a more important part of the room, like a collection, a painting, a vase, etc. It can help reinforce the style in a room and accentuate the other parts of your decor scheme.

Before you hang the mirror, you need to be certain about what you want it to reflectYou want to make sure that whatever it reflects is something interesting in a decorative sense. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a mirror in front of an undecorated wall. That would just create a feeling of emptiness.

The place isn’t the only thing that matters, either. You also need to take into account how big your mirror is if you want it to give you the right effect. If you’re going to have more than one in a room, it’s especially important for them to be the same size and shape.

Blending small and big mirrors can make a room feel disorganized. Another thing to avoid is putting mirrors on more than two walls in a given room. That will just create too much visual clutter in the space.

How to make a room feel bigger with mirrors

If you put up a mirror, or mirrors, in a way that they cover an entire wall, it will make the room look much bigger. This is an especially good idea for small rooms.

To make this as effective as possible, it’s best for the mirror not to have a frame, and fit perfectly on the wall. Another option we like is to hang two mirrors in a way that they form an angle. This will make it feel like the room is twice as big as it really is.

In the living room, you can put a mirror above your couch. That will definitely make the room feel bigger. If the upper part is slightly inclined, that will also make it so that everything in its reflection will become a part of this new perspective.

Putting mirrors on the doors to your closets will make your room feel bigger, and they’ll also reflect a lot of light and make the room much brighter. 

Another option is to put a mirror on a wall right in front of a door. Any time you open it, it’ll reflect the next room, and will once again achieve that wonderful mirror magic of making the room look bigger.

Horizontal or vertical?

Another important question before you decorate with mirrors is what orientation to put them in. That decision can lead to very different visual effects. If you hang yours vertically–on a door, for example–the room will seem bigger. Or, if you hang a mirror horizontally somewhere like a hallway, it’ll look longer.

Decorate with mirrors to make your room brighter

Mirrors are also a great way to bring more light into a room. You can instantly make a dark room brighter if you strategically place a mirror or two in it.

For example, you can hang a mirror on a wall at a right angle with a window. Not only will it make the room seem twice is big, but it’ll also bring you twice as much light. Doing that can make a room feel fresher and more alive. 

You can also add some light by pointing a few artificial light sources at a mirror on the wall of an entryway or dark hallway. The best part is that it’ll make the room seem much more elegant at the same time as it fulfills a practical purpose.

You can multiply light a ton if you put mirrors on all four faces of a pillar in the middle of a room. Doing this can also hide the pillar, essentially making it invisible.

So, as you can see, mirrors aren’t just there for us to look at ourselves. Here’s our best advice: decorate with mirrors and play around with the decor schemes, and get the most out of your home!

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