Learn Home Decor Through Self-Study

Anyone can learn about interior design and home decor; you just need to find sources and have the passion to learn.
Learn Home Decor Through Self-Study

Last update: 03 December, 2019

In today’s world, people often believe that you need a degree or license in a certain area of study in order to be a specialist. But you can build your knowledge on your own terms through self-studying. In our post today read about how you can do your own studies on home decor.

Today, you have multiple ways of accessing information at your fingertips. The internet is the best learning tool as it’s the easiest to access and use. But you can turn to other sources as well such as audiovisual, paper, etc.

So, anyone and everyone can access content related to interior design and home decor.

What are the most trustworthy sources?

self study home decor sources

You can’t trust all of the sources around you. Some might offer a poor quality of information.

Be especially careful on the internet. While some websites are trustworthy, you can’t always say the same for others. But how can you be sure if a website is valid? You can test this by reading the content and comparing it with other sites.

Meanwhile, books are usually great, reliable learning options. They can give you the information you need, and the information comes directly from specialists in the sector. With that in mind, a good library can be an ideal spot to access these materials.

The more you read, the more you learn. —

Taking your own notes

self study home decor notes

Once you’ve secured your sources, it’s time to center yourself on a certain topic or area. But you can always opt to undertake more general studies.

  • Regardless of if it’s a decor style, a method or interior design tips, any kind of information can help you deepen your knowledge on your chosen topic.
  • Subscribe to a home decor magazine. They’ll show you the monthly trends and latest ideas.
  • Keep a notebook to jot down and develop fundamental ideas. With everything written down, you can later turn them into reality.
  • Summarizing information allows you to access it later at a glance.

— It’s the same as everything else in life; first learn the theory and then, the practice. —

Sign up at interior design conventions

self study home decor convention

Reading is an important way to learn but observation and listening to what specialists have to say are also valuable sources.

  • Look for decor conventions and mark the ones that interest you on your calendar.
  • For both conventions or public activities, try to sign up and actively participate or form part of the audience.
  • Try to make a note of anything that seems important. Conventions typically showcase new trends and different interior design ideas.
  • Conventions are also a great place to meet people who work in the decor sector. Meeting people is a wonderful way of exchanging information and perspectives.
  • Ask any questions that you have and try to resolve them to ensure that your self-study is on the right path.

Test out your ideas in your home

self study home decor ideas

Use your own home as a place to put everything that you’ve learned into practice.

  • Putting your ideas into practice is the only way to see if they yield good results or not. By testing them out and comparing them with the showrooms from books and magazines, you can see if your ideas create stylish decor.
  • You can use any room for testing. Ultimately, home decor is a matter of trial and error.
  • Before tackling an actual home decor job– regardless of if it’s for a friend’s home or if you’re hired to decorate– running through a couple of tests in your own home is always a good idea.