10 Decor Trends to Watch Out for In 2019

2018 was a year of purple hues, metal furniture, and the boom of the ethnic style. But now the time has come to welcome in the new trends for the coming year.
10 Decor Trends to Watch Out for In 2019

Last update: 01 October, 2019

In late 2018, interior decorating experts came together to discuss which decor trends would reign supreme in the new year. Paris and Milan welcomed some of the world’s most prestigious design firms, who have now revealed some of the different looks you’ll be seeing in stores this year.

If you’re worried it might be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing decor trends, don’t worry! With just a few small changes, you’ll be able to give your home a complete makeover.

Plus, it’s important to remember that many of this year’s trends will be here to stay, meaning your home will look chic and stylish for many seasons to come. So when it comes to choosing your new look for 2019, don’t be afraid to follow your heart’s desire. Are you ready to discover this year’s must-have trends?

Pink velvet couch.

Velvet never seems to go out of style. Like last year, you’ll find soft velvet couches with bright, vibrant colors that are sure to turn heads. If velvet furniture is a little much for your taste, why not pick out some cushions, blankets or small pouffes to give your living room the touch of elegance it deserves?

2. Checked fabrics

2019 decor trends: checked fabric.

Tartan has been making waves on the catwalk, and interior decorating companies have been quick to offer us a range of checked pattern sofas and bed sheets. This trend will mainly be seen in the world of textiles.

3. Natural elements

Rattan chair.

Another trend that is here to stay, natural fiber items such as lamps, rugs and furniture have become increasingly popular in recent years. In a time of nostalgia for the simpler days of times gone by, wood, rattan, coconut fiber and clay elements seem to have rediscovered their glory days.

While wood never really seems to go out of fashion, the different finishes and designs on offer are constantly evolving. This year, we’ll continue to see the rise of the Wabi Sabi trend and the love of those perfect imperfections. As such, we’ll likely be seeing wood in its rawest form, with all its natural shapes, colors, knots and whirls on show.

5. The golden touch

Gold faucet.

In 2019, metal has lost its rust and copper hues, replacing them with a bright, golden shine. Gold decorative objects and gold and glass tables will undoubtedly be one of this year’s most popular trends.

6. Knocking down walls

Mediterranean decor.

Bright, open spaces are quickly gaining popularity. Leading designers are knocking down walls to usher in a new era of spacious, open plan homes where family and friends can spend quality time together.

Colors and decor trends for 2019.

With Living Coral announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019, we already have a pretty good idea of what this year’s color pallet will look like. Combinations of blue and green will help create more elegant designs, while yellow will continue to brighten up our homes.

8. Circular elements

Round mirrors.

Furniture is losing its edges, and gaining curves. As well as beds, tables and chairs, we’ll also be seeing more organic and circular shapes when it comes to dinnerware, mirrors and even patterns.

9. Terrazzo is back

Terrazzo bathroom.

Though no one could have foreseen its return, we saw the first signs of terrazzo fever back in mid-2018. But here it is. Polished, sophisticated and full of color: terrazzo is back. This time, however it won’t just be reserved for bathrooms; you’ll also be seeing terrazzo counter tops, as well as terrazzo-inspired rugs, lamps and cushions.

10. Floral motifs

Floral paintings.

This is a trend that will instantly put you in a good mood. Framed paintings of elegant leaves, colorful fern prints, and natural plants will adorn every room, bringing a breath of fresh air.