Alessandra Branca: An Interior Designer with a Reputation

This US-based Italian designer has a strength and a passion that permeates her work as an interior designer.
Alessandra Branca: An Interior Designer with a Reputation

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Alessandra Branca is a well-established brand in the world of design. For many years now, her beautiful and timeless classical style has captured the hearts of people around the world.

This US-based Italian interior designer, who has offices in Rome, New York, and Chicago, has a very distinctive style.

Born and raised in Rome, the Eternal City, Alessandra Branca uses her Italian background as inspiration for her work. She is a beauty connoisseur, expertly combining vintage items she finds on the market to create hundreds of wonderful designs.

The Alessandra Branca style

Branca has a very distinctive sense of style.

Alessandra Branca is famous for her unique use of color. With undeniable skill, she manages to create rooms that brim with energy and life. Branca herself has stated that it was master sculptors Caravaggio and Giotto who shaped her understanding and use of color.

Growing up in Rome gave Branca the opportunity to live among classical works of art. As a result, her take on the classical style is highly influenced by the Italian Renaissance. However, Branca has also taken inspiration from many other countries, combining Italian classicism with the luxurious comfort of English homes, the sensuality of French designs, and the relaxed feel of the American style.

Her unique designs are a wonderful mixture of international styles. For example, it wouldn’t be unusual to find Indian-style prints and damasks side-by-side.

Branca also likes to place valuable pieces of fine art alongside works she has bought from the local market. By doing this, she manages to create rooms that seem more real. Her homes are designed to be lived in, rather than simply viewed.

Personalizing with passion

Classical living room.

Alessandra Branca always likes to add a personal touch to her work. One piece of advice she gives every designer is that, whatever your passion, it should always be reflected in your home.

Whether it’s a passion for travel, gardening or photography, it really doesn’t matter. Use elements that you have picked up on your travels, old photo albums or some of your favorite plants. There’s always a way to incorporate your passion into your home.

Bouquets of flowers are highly characteristic of Branca's style.

Furthermore, Alessandra Branca is a master when it comes to the fine details. This is undoubtedly a trait she has learned from her Italian upbringing and her hometown of Rome. The forms she uses in her designs are exquisite and sophisticated. Japanese lacquer and bouquets of flowers are a recurring theme of the Branca style.

She also loves using reds in her work and knows better than anyone how to incorporate pink into an interior- not an easy color to pull off in the world of interior decor.

Every room she designs reveals a great passion for architecture. She cleverly arranges classical patterns and antiques to create truly stunning interiors.

Dolce Vita Classicism 

Alessandra Branca mixes classical styles.

Mixing classical elements and furniture from different periods is a real art form and one that Branca has mastered to perfection. A mixture of Regency-style armchairs, Directoire-style furniture, and damask patterns forms a canvas upon which she creates daring color combinations.

Branca loves to combine her classical taste with practical and comfortable elements. For example, you might find a living room with Italian armchairs and gold velvet-upholstered sofas.

Take a look at the image above. Bronze table legs, blue corduroy, with splashes of soft pink and coral here and there amongst the expertly arranged furniture.

A fusion of beauty and functionality

A typical Branca interior.

The colorful world of Alessandra Branca

Branca brings a strong sense of character to each of her designs in a way that no other designer does.

Her unique style is meant for those who not only live for beauty but for those who want to live among it and make it part of their lives. This is a really fascinating concept and a huge challenge for the designer who wants to create high-fashion homes that are meant for more than just photographs.

Branca’s works invite you to live life to the full. Her passion for interior design and old European styles, mixed in with a love of art and classicism have formed a melting pot of styles and concepts that shine through in every one of her designs.

Alessandra Branca masterfully incorporates pinks into her designs.

In 2013, Branca launched her highly successful first collection of home accessories, which included a range of beautiful fabrics.

Her impeccable and highly personal sense of style has won her many awards and great respect in the world of interior design. As a result, her signature was even included in Elle Decor’s A-list in 2011, 2012, and 2013, where she is heralded as one of America’s best interior designers.