Lamps From Around the World: Styles and Designs

Bring a little decorative diversity to your home with these wonderful lamps from around the world.
Lamps From Around the World: Styles and Designs

Last update: 02 August, 2019

The world of interior decor is wonderfully diverse. There is such a wide range of styles and objects to choose from, and these can vary hugely from region to region. So, in this article, we want to take a closer look at some different lamps from around the world.

Every country has designed its lamps slightly differently. The way in which art has evolved over time means that objects such as lamps take on the country’s characteristic look, developing an aesthetic that perfectly matches their interiors.

Of course, the world of interior design has always had close ties to both art and architecture. The artistic influences and movements that are most prevalent in a particular region have a direct impact on the design trends that develop there.

Lamps from around the world: Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns.

Chinese lanterns are a fantastic decorative element. While they were traditionally made of paper, you can also find metal lanterns. Over the years, many different variations have emerged as people have started experimenting with new materials.

The shape and design can also vary, with many modern companies commercializing lanterns to cater to a larger market, and adapt to new decorating styles. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of monochrome, spherical lanterns, which are easier to incorporate into modern homes.

Traditionally, Chinese lanterns were red in color and shaped like a sort of flattened oval, with decorative tassels hanging from the bottom. The paper filters the light, making it softer and less intense.

Chinese lanterns are a classic decorating element that you can usually find in markets and decorating stores.

Nordic style lamps: elegance and simplicity

Nordic style living room.

The characteristic simplicity of the Nordic style has seen it grow in popularity in recent years. Subtle and refined, this style is closely related to minimalism, using little furniture, and a light color pallet.

  • Nordic-style floor lamps come in a range of different designs. Some may have a single central pillar, while others have 3 tripod-style legs. They usually have a traditional cylindrical lampshade, which is wider at the base. These simple lamps are elegant and practical.
  • You can also find a range of table lamps. These are very similar in design to the floor lamps, only smaller. These versatile elements look great with any decor style, whether you put them on a table, nightstand, or any other piece of furniture.
  • Black metal ceiling lamps are becoming increasingly popular in Nordic style homes. A wonderful fusion of curving lines and geometric shapes, these lamps are aesthetically beautiful, and their ornate designs set them apart from more traditional ceiling lamps.

Lamps from around the world: African lamps

Handmade African-style lamps.

Africa boasts a rich variety of handmade products, making more than almost any other continent in the world. There is a huge number of skilled artisans across Africa, who make all kinds of beautiful items by hand.

Their handmade products have recently caught the attention of the Western world, inspiring a new wave of handmade items and African-inspired decorations. In fact, this style is one of the best ways to give your home an informal and exotic feel.

African-style lamps are normally made from materials such as glass or wood, but they can also include other materials such as metal, leather, pebbles, string, and other natural fibers.

These beautiful decorative lamps are made entirely from natural products.

Mosque lamps

Mosque lamps.

These beautiful lamps were originally designed for decorating palaces and mosques. The central section is made up of a mosaic of colored glass, which gives rooms a dynamic and colorful feel.

With their mosaic of colored glass, mosque lamps are similar in style to Tiffany lamps. The beautiful patterned designs bring a touch of color and life to a room. The difference is that while Tiffany lamps are fairly modern, mosque lamps have a rich history and great cultural significance.

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