The Top Resources for a Teen Bedroom

If you want to give a bedroom a youthful touch, you can resort to different decorative resources that make it possible to revitalize the environment. Read this article to discover top resources for a teen bedroom!
The Top Resources for a Teen Bedroom

Last update: 21 August, 2020

You can achieve a personal style by identifying what defines you. If you want to revitalize your home and make sure it represents you, it’s time to assess the top resources for a teen bedroom.

On numerous occasions, you’ve probably limited yourself to repeating interior designs that have already become outdated. The underlying idea of decorating is to innovate. In other words, you have to analyze everything fashionable but without repeating.

You can achieve a unique decoration style by applying a different and personal touch to your home. This way, you break away from the most classic and conservative styles. However, do you know how to apply this to a teen bedroom?

Furniture for a teen bedroom

A trundle bed.
A trundle bed /

First, start with the furniture. There’s no point in reusing old or used furniture from bygone eras. Remember that you should strive to create a carefree and alternative environment!

Wooden furniture is the most common. People often paint this to give it a personal touch. The key is to not limit yourself to a single color but to create a combination of at least two or three so that you don’t fall into color overload.

The furniture should be based on simple, basic, and functional lines. In reality, this is directly linked to minimalism, where the stability of the straight lines and a few vertical ones predominates, without excess or ornate decoration.

In order for the bedroom to to reflect a teen’s likes, you must apply color and simplicity in the design.

Main decorative resources for a teen bedroom

A youth bedroom in blue and green.

The atmosphere that you provide for the bedroom must be well-defined. But how can you achieve this? You need to resort to several resources to demonstrate a young and lively character. Let’s look at 5 examples:

  1. Wall decals are one of the essential elements since they can theme a room and stimulate the space with content that identifies the person who’s room it is.
  2. On the other hand, wallpaper can cover a large part of the room. However, it shouldn’t be everywhere, as it has more effect on a single wall. The rest of the decor should match the wallpaper.
  3. Also, rugs are distinguished resources in bedrooms. Either due to their color or prints, they collaborate with the atmosphere. You can find circular or rectangular rugs, although the latter tend to be better.
  4. Wall-mounted shelving is a good option as well. If you don’t want to make this too prominent you can simply put up one or two shelves. Also, you can achieve greater originality by using recycled wooden boxes.
  5. As for the closet, this is an essential piece and you can hide it or make it prominent, depending on the colors of the doors.

The contribution of color in a teen bedroom

A pink bedroom.

The color that you choose for the decoration must be pleasant and provide comfort. In this regard, it’s important not to over-activate the space by using intense hues. Remember that the choice of tones is an important step when it comes to decorating a room.

You can add colors with furniture or with the relationship of two tones on the walls, a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. Some youthful colors are turquoise, sky blue, salmon, aquamarine, pistachio green, etc.

The bed is the centerpiece, so the color you choose for it will be crucial since it’ll have the main role in the bedroom. Therefore, you need to carefully think about the type of bedspread.

The lighting

Indoor string lights.
Indoor string lights /

Light is important. Natural lighting is necessary but it’s a good idea to install blinds that can filter the light so it doesn’t impact the room directly. Remember that the goal is to create a peaceful environment.

On the other hand, you should note that, in addition to a ceiling light or table lamp, you can also hang some indoor string lights that have a calmer and more jovial character. The purpose is to revitalize the environment.

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