Tolix Chairs - Alternative Decoration Ideas

Have you ever heard of a Tolix chair? We'll tell you everything about this classic chair design.
Tolix Chairs - Alternative Decoration Ideas

Last update: 05 June, 2020

Due to their design, characteristics, and the variety of color options, Tolix chairs have become very popular.

Tolix chairs are one of the most popular chairs in homes today. However, these chairs have not always been prominent features in homes.

We’ll tell you more about this type of chair that has become a favorite due to their shape and variety of colors.

The origin of Tolix chairs

A red tolix chair.

Tolix chairs are generally linked to industrial design. Xavier Pauchard created the chair in France in 1934. Them, this chair became famous after designers used the chair on the S.S. Normandie ocean liner. The novel and luxurious design of this ship led people to consider it as one of the greatest ocean liners of all time.

This novel use of the chair catapulted the design into the public consciousness. However, during this process, the chair design underwent some modifications.

The modifications were mainly because French bars and restaurants began using the Tolix chair. However, the staff had problems storing the chairs since the original design didn’t allow them to be stacked.

Also, Pauchard opened a factory called Tolix (hence the chair’s name!). At his factory, he created different furniture, including other chairs and stools.

The design for these chairs is so successful that they have been included in exhibitions in MoMA and the Pompidou Centre.

Characteristics of the Tolix chair

A drawing of Tolix chairs.

One characteristic that has made these chairs so popular is the material. They are made of metal, which means they are:

  • Solid
  • Stainless
  • Fairly cheap
  • Stackable (with the modification we discussed)

Metal also withstands weather very well. As a result, it’s resistant to damage from rain or sun.

The first design of this chair had an open backrest on both sides and holes in the seat of the chair. It also didn’t have any armrests.

However, due to the success of the chair, there are now different variations. Now, you can get the chair with arms, footrests, or of different heights.

Additionally, the colors make these chairs even more striking and beautiful. They’re perfect for decoration and day-to-day use.

Tolix chairs today

A kitchen with silver chairs.

Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even hospitals are opting for this type of chair. Despite the chairs’ simplicity, they add to any space because of the bright color options and vintage look.

These chairs also are both retro and modern. This makes them super stylish and a trendy item for homes.

Tolix chairs are also a great idea for the dining room. There are so many color options that you can combine them with any decorative style!

Another option to make these chairs stand out is to get each one in a different color. However, if you go for this look, you should keep in mind that the rest of the decor of the room should be simple. Otherwise, you’ll end up overloading the room with too many colors.

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