Tire Chairs - a New Trend

Give your home an original decor and bring the newest trend to your deck or yard: tire chairs.
Tire Chairs - a New Trend

Last update: 23 November, 2019

Our society has a growing concern for recycling and saving the environment. As a result, people have come up with endless ideas for reusing objects that were once deemed useless. Car tires are a great example. With car tires, you can follow a new trend – tire chairs.

The rubber part of car tires are common finds in the dumpster and are very harmful to the environment. In response, many people have thought up different ways to prevent them from building up.

In Europe, people recycle nearly 50%  of used car tires. Unfortunately, that means the other 50% builds up in lots or is burned, which creates serious pollution. Luckily the world of decor presents us with a creative way to reuse them.

Where can you find used car tires?

tire chairs where

Spain boasts a high level of awareness in terms of recycling old car tires. Since 2005, Spanish citizens have been paying a small fee for new tires that goes to its future recycling process. Thanks to the fee, Spain has significantly reduced the accumulation of old car tires.

Furthermore, most of the old tires find a second use: industrial fuel material, play parks, new roads, etc. Consequently, old car tires are becoming trickier to find.

However, you can ask for your old tires, or a friend’s, when you get them changed at most car workshops. Old car tires really present an option for great home decor.

Tire chairs

Old car tires can work for many projects. If we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be a chair. Below, check out our 3 ideas for transforming your old tires into a unique chair.

1. A colorful stool

tire chairs stool

One of our favorite trends is car tire stools. They’re perfect for creating a laid-back setting for a deck or yard. What’s more, is that they’re simple to make:

  • You only need one or two tires depending on high tall you want your stool to be.
  • Before getting started, make sure that your tires are clean and disinfected.
  • Next, just fit a circular wooden board on top of your tire to make a seat. You can ask any home improvement store to prepare it for you.
  • Finally, paint in your choice of color.

2. Twine stool

tire chairs twine

Painted tire stools are perfect for creating a lighthearted, fun space. But if you want a setting that feels more intimate and snug with a rustic soul, try this twin stool instead.

They’re an easy project as well. Just swap out the pair for some twine. So, instead of painting your stool, line it entirely with twine, covering every last bit of the tire.

The final result is gorgeous. Nobody will believe that your stool was previously an old tire.

3. Chairs with a backrest

tire chairs backrest

Tires offer so many possibilities for chairs. You can make simple or complicated ones with arm- and backrests.

If you want to make a complete tire chair, you’ll need at least four tires and a handful of tools as it’s a bit more complicated than the former examples.

  • First, start with two tires as the chair’s base. Fix them together with a screwdriver. That way, the chair’s structure will be nice and stable.
  • For the backrest, grab another tire. And cover the hole of the seat with a firm weave or grid to make the chair more comfortable.
  • To finish, make armrests out of the fourth and last tire.

Feel free to leave your chair just as it is without a coat of paint. Au natural, it can create a casual industrial setting. But if you want a different ambiance, add some color and fun  instead.


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