Lagom: the Decorative Trend That is the New Hygge

Creating balance, order and an atmosphere in your home has never been easier or looked more stylish
Lagom: the Decorative Trend That is the New Hygge

Last update: 25 May, 2019

If you’re a fan of the Nordic style, then lagom will certainly be the next big ‘thing’ for you. Why? Well, as we already know, the essence of these styles is warm spaces, given that they originate from countries where winters are long and there are few hours of sunlight.

Not long ago, we were talking about hygge, the style that Danes use to create the coziest of atmospheres. Now, Sweden has taken on this new trend. The essence of this idea is, without a doubt, knowing how to create a sense of continuity in the interior of your home and transform it, according to your needs, by adding touches of warmth.

If you would like to learn more about lagom, then today’s post will explain the key points to consider before bringing this style into your home. Ready? You’ll love this.

What is lagom?

Lagom is the art of finding balance, order and a clear mind. This means promoting an ecological and sustainable way of life. It means buying what you need, without overspending, but not going without. It also means being aware of our habits. Lagom could be defined as “not too much, not too little: just enough”.


The key to this trend is believing that “home is the best place you can be”. If you’re a ‘domestic’ person who loves spending time in your home with friends and family, then this is the style for you.

This isn’t just a decorative trend, either. It can be applied to all walks of life. However, your home is a good place to start! The purpose of lagom isn’t to tell us to change everything in our homes, which would be costly in more ways than one. The key is knowing how to adapt your home and give importance to every object in a room.

Going back to minimalism

Lagom also goes hand in hand with minimalism, which is currently very on trend. “Less is more” has become quite a common saying.

Simplicity must always be a key aspect of your home’s style. It’s time to get rid of that clutter and the things you don’t need. Focus on creating areas that are linear and stripped down. It’s the style that’ll never grow old! But, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still follow other trends that you like at the same time.

modernist design

Mixing trends is always a possibility, so long as you can strike a balance in your style combinations. That’s why lagom encourages us to live sustainably, to give another lease of life to old, second-hand or unused belongings wherever possible. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Don’t be too daring with colors

Neutral colors will become your best friends. They can create the perfect atmosphere in the interior of your home, making it stand out and be seen in a different light.

However, that doesn’t mean that your home will be a monotone of color. You can use more daring colors in your accessories, such as textiles (cushions, quilts, sheets or towels), in smaller amounts, while still ensuring that they combine together perfectly.

Lagom is not about using white shades throughout your home or creating a boring design. It’s quite the opposite.

A picture showing a bed in a modern looking bedroom with wooden floors and headboard, and dark-toned accessories.

Lagom is about creating art on your terms. The only thing you need is order. One piece of advice that we would like to give to ensure you are successful with this style is to paint your walls in light colors. This will ensure your rooms appear more organized. You could even hang a wallpaper that inspires you. With just a few small changes, your home will take on a new look.

Let there be light

Key to this trend is to ensure that spaces are lit correctly. Don’t forget that lagom was born in Sweden, where the climate is colder and there is less light in the winter, so lighting is extremely important.

We must remember that windows and lamps are not the only objects that provide light. Bringing nature into your home can increase the amount of light and create a more natural environment.

You could place plants and flowers in your favorite areas of the house. In addition to cleaning the air and giving your space a nicer feel, nature also provides a sense of well-being that is really desirable in a home.

Many studies have indicated that light can bring happiness into your day, so why not make light a part of your home with lagom?

As you can see, this style is not as complicated as you might think. It’s first important to think about structuring your space. Then, you can create a warm and bright style we all want in a home. Why waste any time? Hop on this trend now!