Make Awesome Furniture with Tires and Rims

Instead of buying new furniture, many people opt to make their own by using different kinds of objects. In today's post, we'll show you what you can do with tires and rims.
Make Awesome Furniture with Tires and Rims

Last update: 28 January, 2021

You can use all kinds of objects that you don’t use anymore to make furniture. One of the most interesting options, and certainly the most original, are rims and tires. Use them to create useful pieces of furniture with a unique charm.

First, let’s clarify the terminology. Rims are the metallic inner part that the tire covers.

The rubber layer that goes around the rim is simply known as the tire.

In our post today, we’ll show you some ideas for creating your own furniture pieces with these two materials that can have an extremely useful second life for both your home interiors and exteriors.

Rim furniture

Rims can be made of many different materials: steel, aluminum, magnesium, alloy or carbon fiber. Each material looks different that can match well in certain decor styles if you know how to use them correctly.

For example, rims that are more worn out can fit perfectly in grunge settings or retro and rustic rooms as well. On the other hand, chrome rims have a buffed and shiny finish that makes them great for modern decor.

Considering their original circular shape, you can use rims mainly to make tables and seating. However, some people take it a step further and cut the rim into pieces, using them for shelves or bookcases.

tires and rims 1

For an interesting tabletry placing a sheet of tempered glass on top of a rim with a wooden base. The set of glass, metal, and wood will be gorgeous and visually balanced.

Some people opt to build their tables with custom-ordered cork, wood or steel tabletops. However, this often leaves the rim half-hidden and are even fitted with a decorative base, which could even be a tire.

As for rim-seating, they’ll need to be stable yet comfortableFitting them with a fluffy cushion is key for comfort.

Or, another option is using the rims to make low stools that are purely decorative. If that’s what you want, a great idea is placing a faux fur rug on top of your stools.

You can use tires from cars, bikes or other vehicles. It’s all about using your creativity.

Tires and rims furniture

Just like rims, tires are great for building tables and seating. Generally speaking, if they’re used just as they are, they’re generally used for the outdoors. But if they’re dressed up with other materials, they’re usually meant for home interiors.

With just one tire, you can create lovely coffee tables. You can also opt to add a wooden, or different material, base with legs to give them some height.

Neumático forrado.

As for the seating, the options are endless: you could make small couches, armchairs, dining table chairs or even poofs.

If you line it with jute or a different natural material, your tire furniture will truly look amazing. And your home doesn’t have to have a rustic or country look to use tires. They would also look great alongside Scandinavian or minimalist decor.

Don’t forget

Summing up, tires and rims are two materials that offer some lovely decor options. They even add texture to your decor at the same time. You can create so much with these items – give it a try!

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