Personalize your Flower Pots in 4 Steps

Flower pots are decorative elements that decorate home interiors and exteriors. Learn how to personalize your own with these 4 steps.
Personalize your Flower Pots in 4 Steps

Last update: 23 February, 2019

Personalizing your flower pots can be a fun activity as well as a fresh new look for your plant holders. You can jazz them up in different ways.

For starters, you could paint, decoupage, add ribbons or other decorative accessories. If you’re short on time, we have some original ideas for personalizing your pots in 4 simple steps.

Learn how to personalize with paint

Painting pots is a fun and easy project. To get started, pick out any acrylic color that you like. You can try painting an entire pot in a single or various colors, or just paint the base or upper part. It’s a very personal creative process. Choose your favorite colors and if you already have a design in mind, get to work!

To personalize your flower pots, you’ll need to:

  • Clean the pot, removing dust and residue with a slightly damp rag.
  • Prepare your paints. Choose your favorite colors and a design that you want to paint on the surface.
  • Find a small or medium-sized brush. What you want to paint should determine your brush size. If you want to paint something with small details, work with a smaller brush. On the other hand, if you want to paint the entire pot, a medium-sized brush will work fine.
  • Paint and leave to dry. You’re done! Now you have a new flower pot for your home.
flower pots 1

If you have aromatic plants in a pot, paint it in a solid color of your choice. Then, give it a coat of black chalk paint. You can write the herb names on the pots – oregano, basil, mint…

Another lovely pot idea is painting them one color and letting them dry completely. In a contrasting color, paint on polka dots in different sizes. You can also try geometric designs on the lower half of your pots.

Personalize your flower pots with rope

Using rope or string is another great way to personalize your pots. Jute, for example, will have a beautiful, rustic effect. Coil it around the pot, covering its entire surface.

To personalize your flower pots with jute, make sure to:

  • Clean your pot of dust and residues with a slightly damp rag.
  • You can add the string directly to the pot, without painting it. If you want to use string just on the lower half of your pots, paint the pot first and then attach the jute.
  • Attach the jute with vinyl glue.

Try washi tape

Washi tape is great for decorating containers, jars and flower pots. If you want to decorate your pots but don’t have enough time to paint, washi tape is a fast alternative.

  • Clean your pots, eliminating any residue with a slightly damp rag.
  • Pick out a tape that you like. You can browse through different colors – plain or in fun patterns.
  • Stick on however much tape wherever you want. You can place it horizontally, vertically, all over or just on the top or bottom. Remember that this is your design. Have fun with it!
  • Once you’re done applying the tape, firmly press on it with your fingers to make sure that it’s securely attached on the pot.

Personalize your pots with tags

If you’re a plant-lover and take good care of them every day, creating name tags to identify your plants could be a lovely decor detail.

  • Cut out a small rectangle from a piece of cardboard or brown construction paper.
  • Make a small hole in the upper area.
  • Using a marker in the color of your choice, write the name of the plant that’s in the pot. For example: “Aloe vera”.
  • Pass a ribbon or string through the hold. Jute or sisal will look great. Stick the string into the soil, giving it a floating effect.

Remember that matching your home’s existing style is fundamental: you should give your flower pots an original detail while still respecting the colors, materials and textures of their surroundings.

flower pots 2

These ideas are fast and easy. If you have any containers that you want to recycle, such as cans or jugs, you can decorate and transform them into beautiful new flower pots.

Any creative process spells out a good time. They help clear and relax your mind. On top of that, taking good care of your plants and growing them healthily will embellish your home even more.

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