2019 Decor Trends: 4 Trendy Ideas for Your Home

Decor trends change every year and the coolest, most practical ideas always take the lead. Do you know this year's hottest trends?
2019 Decor Trends: 4 Trendy Ideas for Your Home

Last update: 31 July, 2019

Here are 4 of 2019’s most popular decor trends. These styles and trends have been making serious waves.

1. Using different textures together

2019 trend textures

Using different textures together for elements like couches or walls is winning over many. In 2019, it’s become an official decor trend. Mixing up textures on walls, floors and furniture adds a modern and warm touch to settings.

You can play around with your surfaces by using different colored tiles of the same size. Similarly, you can cover other areas as well with different textures or patterns.

We recommend using textures that create contrast together to create more intimate decor as well. Try mixing natural materials such as wood, metal or fibers with rugs and glass objects or recycled wood. They always work well together.

2. Black kitchens: hot 2019 decor ideas

2019 decor trends black kitchen

Using black and white in kitchens is a huge trend among home interior designers in 2019. But applying black in your kitchen decor a pretty risky.

Considering that black can backfire, you should go over the minimal considerations before committing to it for your kitchen decor.

The first consideration is crucial; you need to use it with other lighter colors to create enough light in your kitchen area.

Secondly, make sure that you have enough natural light in your kitchen. If you don’t, prioritize the lighter colors over black. Using black kitchen cabinets with different finishes with a white wall can create a very elegant ambiance.

We recommend using light-colored tiled flooring to prevent your kitchen from being visually overwhelming. Try the black kitchen trend for yourself, it really couldn’t be hotter this year.

3. Open closets

2019 decor trend open

One of the most interesting Nordic style trends for bedrooms this year is open closets. Not too long ago, these were little more than simple boxes to keep things organized.

In 2019, decor objects also are popular for embellishing a space. According to minimalist fashion, portable hangers that are collapsible and easy to move are simple options that offer versatility and clean up the clutter.

Try making the most of your closet space as possible. We recommend using one that are as tall as your ceiling.

Keeping a suitcase in the top part of your closet for extra storage is always a good idea. But one of the downsides of open closets is that they leave clothes completely exposed to dust. But if you want to make your bedroom truly your own, an open closet could be a great element for a  beautiful room.

4. More open spaces with 2019’s decor ideas

2019 decor trend wide space

Creating diaphanous spaces is a current interior design trend, especially for home settings. The most popular home improvement projects are currently divisions and alternative walls to make the most of the space as well as merging rooms together.

We are seeing more and more houses that have a combined living room, dining room, and kitchen. These spaces are usually organized in a line, divided visually into a dining space and a breakfast area.

This trend primarily aims to use the least amount of divisions as possible. If you can’t completely remove your walls, choose materials like glass or acrylic to allow light to pass through and connect each space to each other.

Additionally, another 2019 trend is bringing different levels in one visual plane, even if it’s just using two or three steps. Having the living room on one floor and a kitchen-dining area on another is a great example where each space has its own independence.

If you’re thinking about reforming your home any time soon, don’t forget about 2019’s hottest ideas and decor trends!