2 Ideas on Outdoor Chairs for Your House

Not sure what kind of chairs to put in your garden or on your porch? Here are two ideas you'll love!
2 Ideas on Outdoor Chairs for Your House

Last update: 13 January, 2019

Outdoor chairs are great to have when the weather is nice and you want to be out of your house in the garden or on the porch. 

But you also have to choose them well, because being outside means they need to be weather-resistant.

Even if the weather is nice, the sun (or even salt) can eventually wear the chairs down. It’s also worth knowing that there are several kinds out there. 

For example, there are chairs made for dining tables, which are great if they’re in a set, but don’t look very good by themselves. They’re also not very comfortable to sit down and relax in.

Then there are deck chairs, the classic kind that let you lay down and sunbathe. They’re short and long, so that you can stretch your legs out. They’re not technically chairs, but you could also have a hammock or a couch

Today, we’re going to give you 2 amazing ideas for outdoor chairs you can add to your house! 

Materials used for outdoor chairs

Before we get into the 2 ideas, we’re going to talk about the most common materials for outdoor chairs.

outdoor chair

One of them is plastic. It’s very resistant to rain and sun, although it’s also a bit more fragile.

Another common one is metal. I t has to be treated with special varnishes for the dampness not to damage it, though. It’s generally sun resistant and doesn’t break easily.

Natural materials are also very popular for outdoor furniture. 

The two main ones here are wicker (or rattanand, of course, wood. Although wood is very resistant, it’s best to treat it with varnishes and oils to help it last longer.

There’s also outdoor furniture nowadays that copies the look of wicker and rattan but is made of plastic. This could be a great option if you don’t care that it’s just an imitation.

2 ideas on outdoor chairs for your house

1. The Acapulco chair

Our first idea is the Acapulco chair. It has recently become very popular and is extremely comfortable and fun. It’s a kind of hammock-style chair originating from Mexico. 

acapulco chair

There are several different things they could be made out of. For example, there are PVC fibers (perfect for the outdoors) and Mexican fabricsThe structure itself is usually made of iron.

Acapulco chairs look amazing, especially if you have them in different colors.

2. The wicker hanging chair

Wicker hanging chairs are one of our absolute favorite options for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the fact that they’re hanging chairs makes them unconventional. But don’t worry, you don’t have to hang them from your ceiling–most of them have a built-in support system and can hang on their own.

Secondly, wicker is a natural material that will give your porch or garden a great feel. It sits perfectly with nature.

wicker hanging chairs

Wicker’s natural color also goes great with just about any color scheme.

Lastly, they come as single chairs and even as loveseats. Put together two individual ones and you’ll have a great little corner to relax in during the summer.

They come in all sizes–for one person, or wider and deeper, allowing you to lay down!


Outdoor chairs are perfect for any house with a garden or porch. 

There are also lots of other kinds we haven’t mentioned today. For example, folding chairs or sets that match a table can also be a great choice. 

We’ve just talked about two of types of outdoor chair we love because of their design. Adding these to your garden or porch will give your outdoor space a  lot of extra style.

If you don’t have much space outside, there are also smaller versions of all of these. They even come in kids’ sizes!

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