How to Make your Own Home Movie Theater

Every day, more and more people want to make their own home movie theater, but you've got to know how to do it right. In this article, we'll show you how to make the best cinema for your home.
How to Make your Own Home Movie Theater

Last update: 29 December, 2018

Everyone would love to have a home movie theater and spend Sunday afternoons watching movie marathons with family and friends.

For true cinema lovers, a simple TV screen, no matter how big it is, is never quite enough. A home movie theater is more than a simple TV and requires a great sound system and a high-quality screen.

Setting up your own movie theater at home isn’t too difficult, as long as you keep certain things in mind.

In today’s article, we’ll give you some basic advice on how to create a proper home movie theater for your house.

What do you need to make a home movie theater?

In this section, we’ll give you all the different elements you need to start making your own home movie theater. We’ll also tell you about the different things you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure you get the perfect result.


Obviously, the main difference between watching a movie in the theater, and watching a movie in your own living room or bedroom, is the screen.

No matter how big your TV screen is, it’s nothing compared to the quality or detail of a cinema screen.

Obviously, you need to choose a screen that will fit in your chosen space.

 There are several different types of screen, including:

  • A white sheet: yes, a simple white sheet can act as a screen for your home movie theater. However, we’d recommend that you only use this option if you have no other choice, as the inevitable wrinkles and folds in the sheet will have a negative impact on the quality of the image.
  • Mobile screens: this is one of the most economical options on the market. Mounted on a stand, they are usually used for giving presentations, but they’re also great for home movie theaters.
  • Wall-mounted screen: these are fixed to the wall, and are exclusively used for watching movies.
  • Pull-down screens: this is one of the most economic screen options. Fixed to the wall, you simply unroll it whenever you want to watch a movie, and roll it back up again when you’re done.
  • Electric screens: similar to pull-down screens, the only difference is that the screen can be raised or lowered using a remote control. This is a much more practical and convenient option.
  • A wall: a completely white, smooth wall can also be used as a home cinema screen. It’s one of the least common options, as it’s often difficult to find a suitable wall.
A portable screen is great if your home movie theater is in your living room.


The projector is one of the most fundamental elements for creating a home movie theater. Without it, there is no movie. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different types, and as a result, a huge range of prices, so there’s something for every budget.

There are even 3D projectors, so you can enjoy your movie even more.

But, if you love all things DIY, you can’t miss this tutorial on how to make your own projector.

Every home movie theater requires a great sound system.

Sound system

A movie theater is nothing without good sound quality. The sound is super important in the movie industry. It is thanks to the sound that the director is able to completely immerse us in the story.

You won’t be able to truly immerse yourself in the movie if you don’t kit out your home movie theater with a good sound system.

The best sound system for a home movie theater is the 7.1 surround sound system. This sound system gives a highly realistic and professional result.

However, as with projectors, there are many different options for every budget.

Where to put your home movie theater?

This question has a really simple answer. There are two main places that are great for installing a home movie theater.

On the one hand, you can use the living room, and on the other, you can use a room specifically for your home theater.

There is also a third possibility: using a garage or basement.

If your only option is to install a home movie theater in your living room, you need to find a way to incorporate one into another without them getting in the way of one another. So, instead of having a fixed screen, it’s best to have an electric or pull-down screen.

Some last advice

You can buy cinema-style chairs for your home movie theater.

Here is some last advice to keep in mind to get the perfect home movie theater.


For a good quality image, it’s essential to have complete darkness. It’s not enough to simply close the curtains.

If you have a room specifically for your movie theater, we’d recommend painting the walls a dark color.

If, on the other hand, it’s in your living room or some other room, you’ll need to hang blackout curtains.


A comfy couch or armchair is an essential part of any good home cinema.

Nowadays, there are many chairs that mimic the look of typical movie theater seats, or comfy reclinable chairs with cup holders. However, you could also use a normal sofa, as long as you choose the right one.

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