The Importance of Duvet Covers in Your Bedroom

Duvet covers are a great aesthetic piece that shouldn't be missing from your bedroom.
The Importance of Duvet Covers in Your Bedroom

Last update: 06 November, 2018

Accessories play a big role when it comes to decorating a house. The way you combine colors, walls, furniture, and lighting can dramatically change any space to create a totally different environment. This also applies to duvet covers.

In the bedroom, accessories become even more important. Everything needs to have aesthetic coherence. Carpets, quilts, blankets, sheets, and curtains should combine with one another to provide warmth, color, and comfort through different textures and patterns.

In today’s post, we’re going to talk all about duvet covers. These are an essential accessory in the bedroom. They bring style and personality to your room because they have such great visual prominence.

Duvet covers in the bedroom

Use textures to give your teenager's bedroom some character.

We can find the origin of duvet covers in the countries of northern Europe. The weather conditions there make it necessary to have something that retains heat in your bedroom. This and our need to stay warm at night is what gave rise to what most people use today as bedding.

These covers are pieces of textile that are rectangular in shape. One of its sides isn’t sewn shut so that you can put the filling inside. The weight of the cover will depend on what type of filling you’re going to use.

Currently, not only do covers keep you warmer during the winter months, but they also serve as a decorative element in any bedroom. 

Types of filling

There are plenty of different types of duvet covers with different qualities. Retailers differentiate them by the type of material that they’re made of. Below, we’ll show you some of the different fillings that you can choose from, and we’ll tell you their pros and cons.


There are many types of fiber on the market today. It’s the most economical filling there is, so it’s ideal for people who don’t want to make a big investment in bedding. However, they provide less heat than down filling due to the micro air bubbles that form between the wadding.

There are several types of fiber. First, you have one with a silicone coating with a light layer of fibers. This makes it more spongy and therefore it imitates down filling.

An advantage of a fiberfill duvet is that you can easily wash it because they can be machine washed at home.

These are very good options for places that aren’t very cold. Either your home should have central heating or you should live in an area with a mild climate.

Feather filling

One of the mean advantages of this type of duvet is its value. It’s positioned between down and fiber and is therefore pretty affordable.

You’ll really tell the difference by touching it. You’ll feel the hard feathers inside, which will tell you that it’s made of feather filling, not down.

Cleaning this type of filling is more complicated than washing a fiber duvet. The manufacturer will usually recommend dry cleaning it. You should really avoid the washing machine which will damage the feathers. A trick is to put it in the washing machine with tennis balls so that the feathers become evenly distributed throughout the duvet.

One of the great disadvantages to this type of duvet is that over time and washing the feathers start to break down and come out of the duvet.

Down filling

This is the most common type of duvet filling because of its lightness and comfort. In addition, its price has gone down the past few years. However, it’s still the most expensive of the three options. But if we take good care of it, it can last a lifetime.

One of its great advantages is its ability to absorb moisture, making our sleep dryer. The better it absorbs moisture, the less warm you’ll be during the night. Therefore, because it soaks up so much moisture, it’s best for you to let it aerate every morning. If not, it may begin to smell.

One drawback about this type of filling is how you have to clean it. Dry cleaning is always recommended so that the down doesn’t become damaged. 

The duvet cover as a decorative element

These covers are another decorative addition to a bedroom. In fact, you can match them to your curtains, sheets, and carpets to achieve a harmonious and visually beautiful room.

We achieve all of this by finding a variety of styles and textures and putting them together. The size of the sheets, quilts, and covers all also influence the overall look.

However, we must be careful with pieces that don’t go with our color scheme. They can cause an unnatural effect. On the other hand, finding items that fit into our color scheme bring a sense of calm and peace.

Always keep in mind what the duvet is made out of. It will determine how comfortable you are while you sleep.

It’s clear that, in a bedroom, the bed captures the leading role. Therefore, you should use the bed to try and break the visual monotony by adding blankets, quilts, or cushions with different textures. This will provide movement to the room’s composition.

Duvet covers: designs


bedroom decor

Stripes are a decorative element that provides a great deal of movement. If they’re vertical they create a sensation of height. This is very useful for bedrooms with low ceilings.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes give a sense of spaciousness. If you have a smaller room, using horizontal stripes is a great idea.


White goes well in any type of space. It brings light and warmth, so it’s very useful to use if your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of light.

Another good idea is to use white with a print. You can find all types of designs like this in stores or online.

Deep blue

Blue is on trend right now. It’s usually related to stability and depth, therefore it’s ideal to place in a bedroom.


Geometric motifs are always a safe bet for decorating a bedroom. They’re great in minimalist environments since they bring balance, depth, and dynamism. 

Do you dare try any of these prints?

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