How to Transform a Kid's Bedroom Into a Teen's Bedroom

Your children's bedrooms should keep evolving as they grow up. Here we'll show you how to adapt their bedroom to a new stage of their life, with the appropriate decor items.
How to Transform a Kid's Bedroom Into a Teen's Bedroom

Last update: 06 February, 2020

Although it’s not always easy to accept the fact, it’s undeniable that our kids grow up. With the passing of the years, their needs, likes, and hobbies change. When these changes start to occur, it’s a good time to transform your kid’s bedroom into a teen’s bedroom.

In this post, you’ll find 4 helpful suggestions that can help you to modify your kid’s bedroom to make it appropriate to their age. Consider these ideas so that you can create a result that will be comfortable and yet dynamic, where your teen will feel at home and free to grow.

1. Transform your kid’s room – create a study zone in your teen’s bedroom

Create a study zone in your teen's bedroom

One of the main changes that will be necessary for the bedroom is creating a study zone. Until now, your child barely even had to do homework, and certainly didn’t have to study for exams. But now they must have their own study space where they can concentrate and create good study habits.

With all of that in mind, it’s fundamental that you add in a spacious desk or table to the room where your teen can study.

You should also buy a comfortable, sturdy desk chair. Make sure it’s ergonomic so your teen won’t get a sore back. There’s an almost infinite variety of models available that can suit a teen’s bedroom.

In the study area, you can also add a noticeboard or a calendar to help your teen create good organizational habits.

Concerning the decor, don’t forget that this isn’t a kid’s bedroom anymore, you’re going to transform it into a teen’s bedroom. Choose happy colors and maybe add in a few interesting geometric shapes so that it doesn’t look like a boring office.

2. Get rid of the kiddie stuff

Teenage boy's decor theme

It’s time to turn the page to make way for a new stage in your son or daughter’s life. Does your teen need a study area? Do they need room for makeup, posters, photos with their friends? To make space for these things in your teen’s bedroom, other things will have to go.

Remove kiddie books that aren’t their reading level anymore, soft toys and other items. These can make room for items that are more appropriate to your teen’s age.

You may also have to consider getting rid of other more expensive items. For example, what about wallpaper that’s more suited to a kid’s bedroom? Also think about the curtains, rugs and other large items, such as the bed.

Another stage in your kid’s life is starting and you should transform the room using different colors, patterns, and shades suitable to a teen’s bedroom.

3. Get your son or daughter to participate

Get your son or daughter to help you transform their kid's bedroom into a teen's bedroom

During the whole process of renovating your teen’s bedroom decor, don’t forget that your teen should also have some input. After all, it’s their room, they’ll have to live there so it should be something that they will like. In each decision that you make, involve them in the process.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should give your teen full reign to choose whatever decor and furniture they like. Just make sure that you include them when you’re deciding between color schemes, one desk or another, etc. They will appreciate your consideration.

Your teen may want to keep some old favorite toy or teddy bear. Or maybe they might think their old toys are too babyish and they want to change them for some posters of their favorite singers or other items.

Let them decide what to do with their things, and guide them when they need it. Help them create a comfortable space and that has personality.

4. Transform your kid’s bedroom into a teen’s bedroom- incorporate storage space

Extra storage space is always a good idea

If there’s something your teen will need more of as they grow up, it’s space. Their clothing and shoes will take up more and more space, and their current wardrobe may become a little too small to fit everything. Another thing that tends to need more space each year is their school books.

What can you do to address this lack of space? One great idea is to hang a few shelves above your teen’s desk, along the side of the bed, or wherever your teen will have easy access to the shelves. These are perfect for a spot to leave their books and to use as a decorative space.

What if the bedroom is only small? Well, there are several solutions to a lack of space due to a small room. Buy a bed with drawers underneath, a bunk bed with a space for a study zone below, or add in a built-in wardrobe, to mention just some ideas.

We suggest that you don’t skimp on storage space. Although it might seem a little over the top, you’ll see how quickly your teen can fill up all the drawers and shelves.


Kids grow up, and their bedrooms have to be modified to keep addressing their needs. Don’t forget to take your teen’s opinion into account throughout the process. Creating a study zone is also an important aspect of this renovation.

With the suggestions that we’ve given you throughout this post, you together with your son or daughter will be able to transform the kid’s bedroom into a teen’s bedroom where they feel comfortable. Don’t put it off any longer! It’s time to get cracking to give the bedroom a style much more suitable for your teen’s age.

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