How to Choose your Ideal Headboard

How to Choose your Ideal Headboard

Last update: 15 October, 2018

When it comes to choosing the ideal headboard for your bed, you have to keep several different factors in mind. After all, the furniture you choose will dictate the style of your bedroom.

Getting the right combination of headboard, quilt, pillows, and the rest of the decoration in your room, can be a complicated affair. In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how you can choose the right headboard for your room.

Shape and lines

Headboards come in many different styles. Often, the type and the look will depend on the material. But the real aim is to create the perfect feeling of comfort and harmony for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re going for simplicity, low headboards which only rise a little above the bed is the perfect headboard for you. They are the most popular type of headboard in the world of interior design.

Straight, horizontal lines convey a sense of stability and control. Normally, headboards with a curved design are supported by two vertical pillars on either side, which frame and support the headboard.

Minimalism is very popular these days when it comes to headboards. The simple lines, which are so easy to combine with other elements create a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

“I’m a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least”.
– Bob Newhart

So what should you try to avoid?

An excess of vertical lines produces a feeling of tension. They attract the eye, and won’t be in harmoney with the horizontal lines – like those on the bed – causing a clash.

Many of the headboards using only vertical lines won’t match with the rest of the decoration in the room – they are almost too bold. On the other hand, if you combine a curved design with straight lines, you can create a truly original look.

The traditional headboard

Normally, traditional headboards are smaller, and more in proportion with the bed. Wood is usually the most common material, with easy, simple lines.

Wrought iron headboards are also very traditional, with more decorative designs which combine curved and straight lines. The best colors for these headboards are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Hunter green
  • Veronese green
A wrought iron headboard will add a touch of elegance to your room.

The upholstered headboard

Nowadays, many luxury hotels invest in this type of headboard. Their charming, classic design takes us back to early twentieth century fashion.

The best thing about this type of design is the sense of comfort they bring. They are almost like an extension of the bed and pillows. Although it might seem pretty trivial, another great advantage is that with this type of headboard, you’ll never have to worry about bumping your head again.

Choose an upholstered headboard for ultimate comfort.

These headboards can be finished with fabric (plain or patterned) or with synthetic leather (a bolder style). You can match the color of your headboard with the color of the quilt and pillows.

When you’re trying to pick a color for your headboard, you should go for more neutral tones. That way, it won’t attract too much attention when you walk into the room, but will still play an important role in the decoration.

You can even find headboards in some more original and innovative materials, like brass, or even glass. You won’t find them in most homes, however, since many people prefer a more understated and traditional bedroom.

Brass is becoming more and more popular among designers. It has an almost industrial feel about it. Combining it with other elements in the room can be difficult, but there’s no denying it’s a bold choice, with lots of potential for future fashion trends.

Brick headboards, which imitate the look of a brick wall, have an informal, urban feel. Usually made from weathered brick, this design will create a youthful and spontaneous feel to give your room a casual and original look.

Mirrors are a new material in the world of headboards, and they’re becoming popular. There are lots of different designs – some that are simply one large mirror, and others that are made up of multiple, smaller mirrors.

Bamboo is another material commonly used for headboards. When combined with wood, it conveys a natural feeling, because the knots and patterns in the bamboo canes match without any set pattern. This material has so much potential and can be combined with many different decorative styles.

A bamboo headboard will go well with almost any decorative style.

Of course, there are lots of other designs available. We’ve simply highlighted a few of the most interesting examples you can find on the market at the moment.

Generally speaking, people want to make their bedrooms a comfortable space. The latest trends can be a great inspiration, but the most important thing is comfort and making sure you feel at home in your bedroom.

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