Creating Great Design in Smaller Bedrooms

A common problem is a lack of space in the home. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style and you'll see why after reading this article.
Creating Great Design in Smaller Bedrooms

Last update: 08 February, 2021

With a little creativity, the right layout, and a lot of good taste, you’ll turn your bedroom into the perfect place to relax, no matter the size.

The charm of small bedrooms

The bedroom is the most intimate and sacred place in the home. Every day you recharge your energy there, you relax and connect with your interior. Therefore, we suggest you take care of this space with attractive decoration, calming colors, and a peaceful environment.

However, this isn’t always easy, especially when the room is small. However, you can have a small bedroom with a lot of style.

Great tips

  • Take into account how much space you have so you can choose the right furniture.
  • Think carefully about where you’ll put the bed so you can still move around the bedroom.
  • Don’t forget about choosing neutral and light colors. The room will seem bigger than it is, and warmer and cozier.
  • Small rooms can benefit from a focal point to catch the eye.
Yellow can make smaller bedrooms shine.

 Small bedrooms with a lot of style


To give a sense of depth, choose wallpaper with an eye-catching print to put above your headboard. This will attract attention and give more style to your room.

Custom-made furniture for small bedrooms

The best way to make the best out of small spaces is with custom-made furniture. Try a custom-made headboard for your bed, matching night tables, and wall or ceiling lamps.

A lot of natural light

By now you probably know that light makes rooms look bigger. This is a very common topic on how to illuminate a room. If you have a small bedroom and you have a great view, try using light curtains and keep them open most of the time.

Also, use a mirror to create an illusion of space. When you decorate a room with mirrors, follow some useful tips on Feng Shui.

Decorating upward

If you don’t have much space to decorate horizontally, you can always decorate upward. Place shelves or cupboards for more storage space. Use the walls.

A great idea is to place a shelf above the bed, instead of a nightstand. Add a hanging plant and voilà! You’ll have a très chic room.

Less is more

In small rooms, Marie Kondo’s teachings are worth their weight in gold. She doesn’t see any sense in cluttering things, so get rid of things that you don’t use and what doesn’t make you happy.

Have few but well-chosen decorations, simple furniture, plain and elegant bed linen.

Follow these great and simple ideas for small bedrooms. Have you seen the things you can do with a small space?

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