Let's Decorate with Arc Lamps!

Arc lamps are an elegant way to decorate a room with limited space.
Let's Decorate with Arc Lamps!

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Arc lamps serve a double function since they illuminate and decorate.

Arc lamps are a good choice. They never go out of style and they light up a room better than other types of lamps. Therefore, they’ll make a difference in your home. These aren’t lamps that get lost in your decor since they stand out. So if you’re thinking of getting one we’ll give you some tips so that you’ll know how to decorate with this type of lamp.

These lamps started to become popular in the ’60s. Because of that only wealthy people with modern homes had them. Fortunately, there are now arc lamps for everyone’s budget. 

Your best option is to choose a lamp that gives good light and has an attractive stand. There are so many designs that there will certainly be one that grabs your attention and suits the decorative style of your home. Also, we’ll explain to you how to decorate with these lamps in case you’re not sure where the best location would be.

First measure the dimensions of your room

Arch lamps are fairly high. Because of this, you need to measure the height of your ceiling. Therefore, when you get to the store you will already have an idea of what lamp to buy that will fit into your room.

There need to be at least 30 centimeters between the lamp and the ceiling. Otherwise, the lamp will appear boxed in between the ceiling and the wall. and won’t look pleasing to the eye.

As far as the base is concerned, they are usually small. So even if you have limited space you should find room for it.

An arc lamp over a sofa.

Decorate with arc lamps in the living room

Because of their spectacular design, arc lamps are a major feature of a room. When switched on, they emit a strong light that attracts the eye. But when they are switched off they’re a decorative element too.

           Ensure your lamp plays a major role in your room when decorating. 

When using an arc lamp, it can influence the rest of the furniture and decorative items. The lamp will stand out when you make it the focal point of a space. To do this, don’t place it with furniture that is higher or equal in height to it. Also, don’t surround it with other furniture that prevents it from being seen.

The key is to make the lamp the central object and allow it to stand out from the rest of the items in the room. For example, if you decide to put it in an area to illuminate a table, make sure that the chair backs aren’t very high. The same thing applies if the lamp will be beside an easy chair in a reading area.

An arc lamp over a reading area

Where can I put an arc lamp?

Arc lamps have a particular shape so we often don’t know where to put them. Read below to find out some places where you can decorate with arc lamps.

  • Beside a dining room table. Most houses have a dining room or dining area with a fairly large table where the family eats. This is a good place to put an arc lamp. Choose a corner to put it in and preferably close to a wall. This way it won’t be in a busy area where it gets in the way. Another tip is that it should have a large curve so that it’s able to illuminate the entire table.
  • Reading area. You only need three elements to create an inviting reading area that has a different feel than the rest of the room. These are an arc lamp, a rug, and an originally designed sofa. This reading area, where you can also relax, can also be set up in your bedroom.
  • Living room. The living room is another perfect place to put an arc lamp. Placing two sofas perpendicular to one another creates a perfect corner to place the lamp.