Rocking Chairs, a Decor Trend That's Back

Rocking chairs are something that reminds us of the past. The time has come to learn how to use this nostalgic item in your home decor.
Rocking Chairs, a Decor Trend That's Back

Last update: 29 February, 2020

We all know that trends come back into fashion, and decor trends are no exception. Antique and retro furniture items that you might remember from your grandparents’ house are making a comeback in decor and interior design. As with other types of antique furniture, we could say the same of rocking chairs, a decor trend that’s back.

But what exactly are rocking chairs? Well, it’s a type of armchair that’s made up of two parts. The top part is a comfortable seat with a tall back, and the bottom part has two curved bands (also known as rockers) instead of traditional chair legs. These allow you to ‘rock’ back and forth.

A traditional wicker rocker in an enclosed patio

Rocking chairs might seem to be something from your grandparents’ time. But actually, they became popular around the middle of the 19th century, above all in the United States.

However, even before that, the most reliable sources fix the origin of rocking chairs in England around the beginning of the 18th century. Whatever the case, you can’t deny the strong American influences on the current models.

Do you tend to associate rocking chairs with antique furniture, perhaps designed for older people to rest in? Well, this item of furniture has a whole bunch of advantages. These make it the perfect spot for a nap for people of any age. Check out these benefits:

  • The feeling of balance of a rocking chair gives you a unique feeling of comfort.
  • Rocking chairs also help you to find the ideal ergonomic position. How? When you sit down and take your feet off the floor, the chair will move back until it reaches your center of gravity. This means you’ll be sitting in a position without any tension.
  • The rocking movements of these chairs contribute to a reduction of stress and tension in the body and even help you to get to sleep quicker.

Apart from all of these benefits, you should also consider the development of the design of this item of furniture, and the great variety of rocking chair styles you can find today. It’s an easy job to find a model that you’ll fall in love with.

Where should you put your rocking chair?

One of the most frequently asked questions about rocking chairs is where you should put it in the house. This is an important decision since these chairs are quite large.

And of course, another thing to take into account is that the originality of rocking chairs will make them the focal point of the decor in whichever room you put it in.

In a corner of the living room

A modern armchair style rocker in the living room

Rocking chairs are perfect for a rest or a nap. So where would the best spot be in your living room for a rocking chair? The possibilities that this type of chair offers you are many:

  • Rocking chairs are ideal to occupy an empty corner of the living room or to place beside the sofa. What about the design? It will depend on the current decor of your living room and the style you want to feature. While a traditional rocking chair will give a charming air to the room, a contemporary rocking chair will give the living room a more modern character.
  • You could create your own reading corner. Just put your rocking chair in a well-lit spot. You could also add an extra touch of tranquility and relaxation, including a few cushions and a blanket to create an even cozier space.
  • Complete your corner by putting a small table next to your rocking chair, where you can put a lamp and a few decor accessories.
  • Another possibility is to substitute a big armchair with an original rocking chair. You can find them in many different shapes and sizes. It would be hard not to find one you like that will represent your style and personality.

Outside areas

Timber rocking chairs go great with outdoor patio decor

Outside areas are also perfect for rocking chairs. They give that feeling of relaxation and comfort that will be increased by the peace that the open air and nature provide.

For these areas, for example on the terrace, rocking chairs made from light materials can suit the outdoor decor perfectly. The airy, light design and the clean lines go well with an outdoor patio.

How would rocking chairs go with bedroom decor?

Rocking chairs in pastel colors can suit the decor in a bedroom

An original way to give a nostalgic air to the decor in your bedroom is by including a pretty rocking chair. This option will suit larger bedrooms best. Does your bedroom need a special feature to provide a focal point?

In contrast to outdoor rocking chairs, in rooms such as the bedroom rocking chairs in pastel or peaceful colors will suit the bedroom decor better.

One simple way to make your rocking chair match the rest of your bedroom is by painting it. Of course, you should make sure to take into account the existing color palette and style of your bedroom.

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