A More Elegant Bedroom in Six Easy Steps

Here are the keys to a more elegant bedroom using these simple and budget-friendly interior design steps.
A More Elegant Bedroom in Six Easy Steps

Last update: 06 October, 2020

If you want a more elegant bedroom, you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money. Success lies in knowing what the keys are to turn your space into a place so luxurious, it could be in a home decor magazine.

In just six easy steps we’ll help you transform your bedroom into a place filled with luxury and sophistication, and best of all it’ll be easy and with no need to take out a loan.

1. The magic of the materials in an elegant bedroom

A modern gray house.
Stone bedroom / garvihogar.es

Close your eyes and think about those spaces where, as soon as you enter, you feel a perfect harmony between all the elements that are in it. Surely hotel rooms or fancy restaurants come to mind, right?

Just as with colors, you must also seek chromatic harmony through materials: wood, marble, fabrics… everything must come together perfectly.

When designing an elegant bedroom, try opting for natural fabrics and neutral colors such as beige or white as a base.

Afterward, you can add other items such as furniture and accessories. For example, a metallic lamp, a night table with a golden edge, or some copper to give it more warmth.

2. Elegance lies in the curtains

If you want a radical and stylish change, you can start with the right curtains. To achieve that elegant touch, interior designers recommend you let a few inches drag on the floor.

It’s obvious that the quality of the fabric you choose, too, will be part of the result. Heavy fabrics that drop are the best for an elegant bedroom.

3. Don’t forget about the headboard

A lamp over a bed.

It even says so in feng shui! Headboards give structure and security but, in terms of elegance, they also have a lot to say.

Quilted upholstered headboards are trendy and, without a doubt, elegant. If you add geometric wallpaper with golden lines, and some shelves with your favorite decorations, you’ll have a bedroom as elegant as it’s spectacular.

4. Organizing to have a more elegant bedroom

Nothing dresses up a room more than good natural lighting. So, you should allow it to flow freely through every corner of your home.

Avoid cluttering your bedroom with furniture to make the most of the light coming in through the windows. The more open space, the better. Therefore, lean towards minimalist decor and distribute the furniture in the bedroom always keeping in mind that the bed is the centerpiece.

5. Pay attention to detail

An elegant bedroom with neutral colors.

Uncluttered spaces, without big pieces, is key to having an elegant bedroom. Also, knowing how to choose details is the key to good taste.

Be careful what you put on your bedside tables. Don’t put your cell phone cord, tissues, or loose change on them.

Instead, place the book you’re reading, a small vase with flowers, a candle, or some eucalyptus branches that’ll also help you fall asleep.

Paintings or pictures are another important thing. Opt for simple wooden or metal frames, depending on the decor style you chose.

6. Carpet is in again

Yes! Believe it or not, carpets are back and especially in the bedroom. Imagine getting up and putting your feet on a soft carpet. You can lay a matching rug on top for an extra touch.

So, did you find these tricks simple enough to make your bedroom a much more elegant and sophisticated place? It’s all about paying attention to the materials and colors, and not cluttering the space.

You can design your bedroom following these or other formulas and add your personal touch until you achieve the results you want.

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