Different Types of Marble to Fall in Love With

Did you know that marble is still one of the most popular materials when it comes to decoration? Here's a quick guide for you – after you've read it we're sure that you'll fall in love with marble as much as we have!
Different Types of Marble to Fall in Love With

Last update: 28 January, 2021

We usually think that marble is a rather expensive “classic” material that’s totally incompatible with our modern and up-to-date decoration styles these days. However, today we’re going to dispel this myth so that you can enjoy a super chic decoration thanks to a beautiful stone that’s full of so many possibilities. Have a look at all these types of marble!

What is marble?

Marble decoration.

Marble is one of the hardest stones in existence, and one of the most insulating too. This is due to its high concentration of calcium carbonates.

The wonderful thing about this material is that it’s so resistant and robust – it won’t lose any of its original charm. This is also due to the variety of colors and finishes that it comes in.

What makes marble so expensive is its extraction process. It’s obtained from open-air quarries, mostly, and heavy machinery and explosives are used to cut the large blocks of marble.

Sometimes, steel wire with a diamond is used to achieve the desired cut. Now you can probably imagine why it’s so expensive!

Types of marble

The classification of marble is quite complex since we can either do it based on its coloring, its region of origin, or its location in quarries. However, we’d like to give you a general idea, and so here’s some useful information about it. The first way to distinguish it is by these three classifications:

  • Uniform: a type of marble which has just one regular color
  • Veined: this is when it’s crossed by lines in the form of veins.
  • Marbled: this is when it contains “splashes” of different colors.

From this, we can then derive the other types. Here are some of them:

Macael marble

Macael staircase.


This is mainly used for making sculptures and is fine-grained. It comes from Almeria, Spain, from the Sierra de los Filabres, and is white with a grey-veined tone.

Ivory cream

Cream marble.


Its very distinctive cream color makes it one of the most popular marbles in interior and exterior decoration. Again, we find it in Spain, and, depending on its exact location, the tone will vary. In Alicante, the marble is more of a light-beige color, in Tarragona it goes by the name of cenia, which is a bit more pinkish, and, in Valencia, it’s white with reddish veins.

Travertine marble

This is one of the most elegant marbles and is greatly sought after. It has an aged look and comes from the Italian city of Tivoli. You tend to see it more in manor houses, in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble.


Carrara marble has its origin in the Italian Alps, and it’s one of the most appreciated and elegant marbles you can find. It’s white, with a distinctive bluish-grey vein, and this makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and all types of finishes.

Green marble

Green marble.

This is typically found in the quarries of India and is one of the most original marbles due to its striking color.

Alentejo marble

Alentejo marble.


This marble is of Portuguese origin and has a salmon color. It’s subtle and romantic and really adds charm to a house’s walls.

Types of marble – decoration

So, now you know a little more about this versatile stone! It’s been coming back into fashion for some years now. Not only is it the perfect companion for walls and floors, but now it’s also being used for accessories, and there are even materials such as plastic or textiles that are imitating its distinctive finish.

It’s true that a marble bathroom is a guarantee of elegance, durability, and versatility. However, marble worktops in kitchens have also become very popular, as they add a very personal touch to the decoration.

One of the combinations we like most is that of stone with wood, as it can be adapted to any type of decoration – from classic to minimalist.

As we’ve already said, there are many decorative objects that currently emulate this material, such as marbled glass. You can find this in the form of vases to show off fresh flowers.

Another latest trend is marble-effect wallpapers or even bedding with a marble design. You can decide just how far you want to take your passion for stone. To keep you inspired, here’s a link to many different ways you can use marble – you’ll love them!

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