Animal Sculptures are Great Home Accessories

Use animal sculptures in your home decor, they'll help you stay closer to nature. 
Animal Sculptures are Great Home Accessories

Last update: 14 October, 2019

Very little beats using objects that stand out when it comes to your home decor. You must be bold, original and innovative. So, how about placing some super cool animal sculptures in strategic places around your home!

It’s interesting how a lot of art is about mimicking nature in either identical or abstract ways.

Animal sculptures are a sort of orthodox decor without a definite style. Their placement inside the house intends to bring together the natural and artificial worlds.

Sculpture as a work of art

Sculptures are indispensable elements when it comes to home decor. This is the one form of art with the most dimension and the one that seems to be more present in people’s living spaces.

Keep in mind that the best sculptures weren’t made by humans so you don’t have to spend a lot of money at a gallery to get one. Often all you need to do is go out for a hike and something beautiful will come your way. So, you’ll have a piece of art made by nature.

You can have any kind of sculpture you like – human or nature-made. But, above all, there must be a concept or meaning behind each piece. Their function is to give character and content to any place you put them in.

“Sculpture is the art of intelligence.”

-Pablo Picasso-

Types of animal sculptures

A sculpture of a peacock.

Nowadays, in an advanced world like ours, it isn’t necessary to kill an animal to display them as a trophy. (Just like many hunters do with those they shoot in the wilderness.)

There are many ways to make a sculpture, and some of them are true works of art created by humans. For example,

  • Full body sculpture: this is a true representation of a whole animal, with all its parts. It follows real patterns and dimensions to make an authentic representation of something real into something unreal and avant-garde.
  • Body parts: this is about representing only a part of the body. For example, they try to simulate real heads placed on a base by a taxidermist. However,  they use materials such as cork, cardboard, stone, and PVC. There are even heads of fantasy beasts such as unicorns out there.

These are the two most common types of os sculpture. Of course, the forms and subjects vary since they might be small and serve as paperweights or large, to “guard” the home entrance.

Places for animal sculptures

There are many spaces to place animals around your home but some are not optimal for them, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Keep them visible but out of the way, preferably in busier rooms where you have guests.

  • In the lounge: this is the most common room where we entertain guests. These sculptures are conversation pieces that draw attention due to their originality.
  • The bedroom: the meaning and personality of this room will depend on the type of animal sculpture you select for it.
  • The entrance: you can convey anything you want in this space as your sculpture will be the first thing someone sees when they enter your home.

“Sculpture isn’t about carving or modeling the shape of something, but of its effect.”

-John Ruskin-

Natural sculptures

A ceramic leopard.

We must mention seashells as they are faithful representations of the deep blue sea. They attract us with their shape alone and are authentic sculptures made by nature.

Why are seashells unique? These pieces can rise up in style, they go from being a humble product of the sea to becoming the sculptural-artistic elements with a peculiar beauty.

“The eyes of the sculptures mourn their immortality.”

-Ramón Gómez de la Serna-

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