7 Ideas for Changing Your Nightstand

Nightstands are the perfect finishing touch for our bedroom decor. Want something original and creative? Check out our ideas!
7 Ideas for Changing Your Nightstand

Last update: 20 March, 2019

Our nightstand is the first thing that we see when we wake up in the morning. That’s exactly why we get fed up of seeing it, day after day. To switch things up, we have a list of ideas for changing your nightstand or for giving it a completely new look.

1. Leave your books on top

Books 1
Nightstand / pisos.com

If you’re a bookworm and always want to have your books on hand, here’s a way to change your nightstand without having to swap it completely. Pile your books on top of it in a certain order: organize them according to how much you like them, a book that you want to read, by author… The colors of the covers and spines will give your nightstand a new look.

2. Give it a fresh look with paint

paint 2

You don’t have to purchase a new nightstand; paint brushes and a bottle of paint are all you need. Choose your favorite color or style and it’ll be something you made with your own hands.

3. Use vintage wooden crates

crates 3
Crates / inspirahogar.com

Vintage is very popular these days in decor. So, if you’re thinking about changing your nightstand, think about going vintage. You can use one, two or up to three vintage wooden crates and stack them against the wall to make your nightstand.

But where can you find them? No problem. These wooden crates are your typical fruit crateYou’ll be able to find them easily.

4. Decorate with small personal details

details 5

If you’re a little bored with your nightstand but don’t want a new one, try our next idea. Personalize it. Depending on how big your nightstand is, p ick out one or several decorative accessories that you like or represent you and arrange them on the table.

It could be a picture, a framed photo, a figurine or a small plant. You have plenty of options and they’ll give your nightstand a fresh look.

5. Hanging nightstands

hanging nightstand 6
Swing / rouzgc.com

If you don’t have the space for a traditional nightstand, we have an alternative to show you that’s becoming more and more popular.

Install two hooks on your wall and hang a board, or whatever you want to use. Choose a board in the material, size, and style of your choice.

Remember to always keep a room’s decor balanced. With these simple elements, you can create a nightstand to hold your things without space being an issue.

6. Change your nightstand

change 7
Steps / quecosica.wordpress.com

If you like saving space, or if you simply don’t have it, here’s your best option. Buy a small cabinet that has steps to hold your items while serving as a nightstand as well.

These days, square-shaped tables that featured four steps or shelves along with a top drawer and support board are very popular.

7. Other objects that also work as nightstands

barrel 7
Barrel / bloglovin.com

When we think of a nightstand, a little cabinet with at least a few drawers always comes to mind. But creativity is breaking norms in decor and converting not-so-traditional objects into valid nightstands.

A colorful stool or tree trunk are two great ideas if you want to try something new for your decor.

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