5 Kinds of Nightstands

There's a huge variety of nightstands available for your bedroom; it's all a matter of choosing the model that best suits your tastes and that fits well with the rest of the furnishings.
5 Kinds of Nightstands

Last update: 14 April, 2021

Bedroom furniture needs to include functional items that also contribute to the interior design. This is where personalized and eye-catching designs are a great option. Let’s learn about 5 kinds of nightstands to put next to your bed.

We all need a surface by the bed where we can put our things. Generally, a lamp takes up most of the space on the bedside table since it has to be nearby so you can turn it on whenever you need it.

But don’t forget that interior design has to include elements that are to your taste, both because of their distribution and for the aesthetics. And so it’s time to check out some different kinds of nightstands that are useful for decorating the bedroom.

1. Narrow nightstands

If you live in a small home where you don’t have the option of having large furniture, you have no choice but to adapt to the space. It’s for this reason that you can find nightstands that are narrow and will fit into any corner.

They have a simple and basic structure that’s higher than it is wide. The idea is that they’re at the same level as the bed, with one or more drawers, a small surface, and thin and stylized legs.

The style is usually simple, tending towards functionality and minimalism. Many different kinds are available, but the most common are those with refined lines and shapes that go well with other furniture.

Basic and functional decoration for personal styles.

2. Baroque nightstands

If you’re looking for more elegance and distinction you have the option of the baroque style. What are the characteristics of baroque nightstands? They’re made up of a series of design elements that give them an interesting, vintage feel:

  • They are ornate, with carvings or geometric patterns that attract attention and reflect a certain sense of class. It’s also possible to find types with inlays or the ancient technique of marquetry.
  • Regarding the legs, some are completely straight, but there are also other models with curved legs and some are even spiral. This opens up a wide range of options that contrast with today’s modernism.
Different kinds of nightstand: a bedroom in pastel shades.

3. Different kinds of nightstands – lots of drawers

We all like to keep our personal items in order. Instead of leaving everything on view, you can store things in drawers.

This is where nightstands with drawers play a very important role, and some don’t have just one or two drawers, but up to five or even more. This increases organization, but the nightstand still functions the same way.

These stand out from other kinds, as they offer a unique opportunity to better organize the room and give you more space where you can keep your personal items.

These nightstands should combine well with the rest of the decoration.

4. Metal

Normally, nightstands are made of wood; however, you can also find versions that are created with iron or steel and combined with wood. These are great for the industrial look.

There’s an aesthetic relationship between these two materials that achieves a unified purpose – a nightstand that’s practical and attractive.

5. Nightstands with an old-fashioned look

Another idea is vintage designs, that help make the room feel stylish and add a distinguished touch. If you want to give your nightstand a vintage feel, you can work artificial deterioration into the surface so it looks as if it were something you’ve inherited or simply recycled.

To do this, you’ll need to paint the wood unevenly in layers that aren’t uniform. You can then varnish it to protect the wood.

In short, these kinds of nightstands, together with those we’ve mentioned above are interesting options to decorate your bedroom. And they’ll also be very useful in your day-to-day life.

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