How to Decorate the Master Bedroom

Do you want to change the look of your master bedroom? Furniture, colors, fabrics and accessories will help you achieve this. Let's get to work!
How to Decorate the Master Bedroom

Last update: 30 July, 2020

When decorating the master bedroom, you should bear in mind that everything has an influence on creating an immersive and relaxing environment that helps you fall asleep.

For this reason, it’s essential that before getting down to business, you determine how you’re going to set out the room, what furniture you will use, and which colors to choose.

Decorate the master bedroom – what you should know

You will surely have a lot of questions at first, but don’t worry. In this article, you’ll find plenty of tips to dispel your doubts.

How to set out the master bedroom

Using a chest at the foot of the bed to decorate a master bedroom with functional pieces of furniture

Since the bed is the main furniture piece in the room, all other decorations must be around it. However, before you head out on a shopping spree, calculate the remaining space you’ll have to place the rest of the furniture.

If the bedroom is large, you can add a stool at the foot of the bed to use it as a shoe-removing chair. Or you can also place a nice chest or trunk to store bed sheets and blankets.

As for the orientation, try to place the headboard on one side of the window. Never place it below or right across the window. Putting it at the side means the light won’t bother you, and the energy in the room will flow better.

Master bedroom with soft colors

Master bedroom decorated with gray and pale yellow motifs

Color is essential in the decoration of a master bedroom. Your choice must promote rest. So when it comes to painting the walls, choose light, soft and warm tones.

Why not go for a beige, cream, pale yellow, or, if you’re even more daring, a salmon color? Warm gray, aqua green, and turquoise are also good options. Try the one you like best!

Choose the headboard

White forge headboard for an elegant and simple master bedroom
Forge headboard /

You can choose a high and straight headboard. However, we recommend not going overboard with the height – try to not go over 51 inches (130 cm). It’s also a good idea to cover the headboard with leather or a piece of fabric that matches the curtains.

If you prefer a more timeless option, a classic forged or lacquered wooden headboard will also add a vintage touch to your room. Do you want more options? Choose a headboard that’s only a few inches high which is integrated into a modular cabinet with side tables included.

Multifunctional headboards are another alternative. For example, a niche in the wall above the bed can serve as a shelf while also highlighting the resting area.

Another attractive possibility when you have enough space is to play with a half-height divider used as a headboard. You can make it out of painted or lacquered MDF. We guarantee it will turn out looking great!

Master bedroom with a dressing area and vanity

White and gold minimalist vanity with a matchin chair and mirror

Having a place to store your clothes will undoubtedly give your bedroom a sense of comfort. Wall-to-wall closets are the most practical, especially if they have storage room on top.

If you have space, consider placing the dresser behind a divider for more privacy. You can also put it in the bathroom if it’s big enough. To do this, close off the toilet and shower area and open the rest to the room.

A vanity unit will add a feminine and personal touch to your bedroom.  With an antique table or vanity unit, a stylish chair, and a mirror, you can create a very practical and beautiful corner.

The best lighting

Using table and floor lamps to create a warm atmosphere in a red themed bedroom

To plan the lighting for this room, you must consider three basic types. Keep all of them in mind so that you can see well and there isn’t any glare or blinding lights.

A ceiling light is perfect to illuminate the room quickly. On the other hand, to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can use small lights on the night tables. Lamps with lampshades or backlights with warm fluorescent bulbs are great options.

If you want to read without disturbing someone who is sleeping, there are individual lamps with very dim LED spotlights and flexible arms. We recommend them because they also help to save money on light bulbs.

Then it’s time to think about extra lighting, such as installing lights inside the closet, and halogen lights to highlight a painting or illuminate the floor on the way to the bathroom.

The most comfortable bedding

A comfortable and stylish set of bedding for a modern master bedroom

Bedding is largely responsible for ensuring restful sleep. If you combine a duvet cover with a quilt or a bedspread with matching tones or motifs, you’ll have an inviting and comfortable bed.

As for the bedsheets, it’s best if they’re 100% cotton. Don’t forget about other details, such as the cushions. Choose different sizes and see for yourself how good they look.

Do you like plaid blankets? They’ll give your bed a cozy and warm touch. Always think about ways you can make them match with the rest of the textiles in the room.

What do you think of these ideas? By combining these options, you’ll undoubtedly create a lovely bedroom that fits your style and personality.

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