5 Bedside Tables from the IKEA 2018 Catalog

IKEA's new bedside tables are as practical and useful as they are decorative. Find out more here.
5 Bedside Tables from the IKEA 2018 Catalog

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The following article gives details of the new bedside tables brought to you by IKEA.

Bedside tables are essential for every bedroom. They must not only be beautiful but also practical and useful. They are a place to keep things near us when we go to bed – handkerchiefs, plants, glasses, alarm clocks, glasses of water, books or bedside lights.

As a result, bedside tables must be large enough for all of these belongings, but not so big that they get in our way.

A beautiful cactus can be a stunning way to decorate your bedroom.

IKEA offers a variety of options, all of which cost less than 100 euros and are certainly affordable.

Some also form part of other bedroom furniture, collections. This article will show you the five newest bedside tables for 2018. 

VIKHAMMER: bedside tables

This collection offers two different designs, one of which measures 60 x 39 cm.

This is by Marcus Arvonen, who chose a simple design with clean lines, and is available in both black and white. This table is ideal for taller beds.

A clear advantage of this table is that it has an integrated system that allows its drawers to open and close smoothly. This means you avoid disturbing other people in the same room.

bedside table

Mesilla Vikhammer / ikea.com

A wet cloth and maybe a little detergent are all you need to clean this table, and nothing more. This design costs 59 euros.

The other table measures 40 x 39 cm.

Also by Arvonen, the only difference between this and the previous table is the measurements.

It is also available in black and white and the cleaning is exactly the same. This design costs 49.99 euros.


This is the most affordable option and was designed by IKEA of Sweden. 

It measures 30 x 27 cm and its most useful and practical feature is the storage space under the tabletop.

This design is perfect for furnishing small spaces – a frequent challenge that we face. It also weighs very little, making it easy to move.

Available in black, you clean this design with a slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent and then wipe it with a dry cloth. At just 10 euros, there is no doubt that this table is a real steal.


Designed by Knut y Marianne Hagberg, this table is 38 x 48 cm and its finish is beautiful, yet simple. 

It is made of solid wood, which, in addition to being very natural, is an attractive and resilient material. 

This collection echoes traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship. As this piece forms part of a collection, you can combine it with other furniture, making a beautiful set.

This table was made to last, no matter what the current trend or style.

This table should be cleaned with a dry cloth. It costs 69 euros.


Designed by IKEA of Sweden, this design measures 42 x 40 cm

It features a small door that can be fixed to the right or the left of the table to ensure it opens easily, depending on which side of the bed you put it.

There is also an opening towards the back of the table to hide untidy cables, ensuring that they remain out of sight.

You clean it with a slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent and then wiped with a dry cloth.

This design costs 39.99 euros.


The last of IKEA’s bedside tables is by Henrik Preutz and measures 42 x 74 cm

The main feature of this design is that you can set it at different heights, depending on your preferences and needs. The foot, or leg, of this table consists of 3 tube sections of different lengths.

These sections are easy to attach and detach, you just turn them one way and then the other.

You clean this table with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution, and then wiped with a dry cloth.

It costs just 39.99 euros.


bedside table

It’s worth remembering that all of these designs can be purchased over the Internet. Thanks to online home decor retailers, furniture can be easily purchased this way.

The assembly instructions are available in PDF format on the IKEA website. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can also purchase FIXA stick-on protectors to prevent your floor being damaged by wear or scratching.

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