A Tumblr-Worthy Bedroom

Nail the informal, delicate and super casual decor.
A Tumblr-Worthy Bedroom

Last update: 27 October, 2018

Tumblr is a social media website akin to Pinterest or We Hear It, where we can find all kinds of photos that help inspire us for our own projects. Tumblr-users have a very Bohemian and creative lifestyle, often trying to recreate different decors, styles, art or makeup.

The Tumblr style first started on social media websites and has caught on thanks to influencers, Instagramers and YouTubers. It’s a hard style to define, but you could say that it’s a mix of several genres such as Bohemian, Hipster, Soul or Grunge. You can use all of them together with no problem and create informal, delicate and super casual decor.

In today’s post, we’ll give you the details on everything that you need to know to nail the Tumblr-inspired room. It’s a style that uses imagination and DIY items. With all that you put into it, we hope that your room will be inspiring too.

Lighting: the most important aspect for Tumblr

Rooms that are inspired by Tumblr are never lacking in light. This is true for both day and night time. Good lighting makes rooms look bigger and more spacious.

During the day, keep your blinds open for a stronger natural light source. Natural light will help your space look cleaner and brighter. However, stained areas or cracks are much more visible with natural light, which is definitely a downside. Keeping that in mind, you need to be consistent with cleaning and pay attention to even the smaller details.

A trend that’s become very popular for adolescent bedrooms is using LED lights to create a more intimate, cozier atmosphere. You can find them in a lot of stores. If you don’t want to spend too much on them, we recommend trying Ikea or Primark lights.

Using lamps that aren’t too big in size will also give bedrooms that extra lighting. You can place them next to the bed or on top of a night-stand. They don’t need to be too strong; a dim light will work just fine for a nice ambiance.

Neutral bedding and blankets

In the Tumblr-style, beds become centerpieces. When we enter a bedroom, our eyes automatically go to the bed; so it’s crucial that it doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor.

Your bed sheets should match with the rest of the items in your bedroom. If you’re not sure which color your bedroom should be, go for lighter colors and pastel tones. They’ll be the right choice.

A tip that that’ll help you choose the right bedding is always keeping your wall and furniture color in mind. Just match them with the bedding.

Furniture: retro pieces always work

Retro furniture shouldn’t be perfect nor new. It has to have personality and style. At stores like Ikea you can find these pieces without a painful price tag.

If you’d rather not spend so much on furniture, you could try buying antique furniture and restoring it. Older furniture actually adds more elegance and sophistication to room decor.

As for the colors, remember that beauty lies in  simplicity.

Tumblr bedroom retro furniture

Try avoiding furniture pieces that have flashy, loud colors. Choose them to fit your room’s setting and layout. We recommend buying light wood furniture, in white and neutral, so that it’ll match with anything.

Another thing to remember is to organize your room’s setting to enjoy the maximum space possible. Knowing what purpose each of your furniture pieces will serve is crucial in addition to knowing how to place them correctly in the space that you have available.

If you have more of a Bohemian style, try out the ancient Feng Shui techniques that’ll keep your design balanced and beautiful. They could help you create a more spacious bedroom.

Walls: smooth and free

The colors that go best with the Tumblr-style, as we mentioned earlier, are light-toned ones. They visually widen space and the room’s other elements, such as posters, pictures, pillows, lamps, etc. will draw the eye.

Another good idea is applying wall paper to your bedroom walls. Choose subtle patterns. To give you an idea, you could try a wallpaper that imitates a white brick wall. It’d give your Tumblr-inspired room a more industrial feel. You could also try using wallpaper with tropical motifs as long as it doesn’t overwhelm your room. Both examples have been very popular this season.

If you don’t like the way your walls look and can’t change them because you’re renting you could cover them with tapestries. Look around on Tumblr or Pinterest; you’ll find your inspiration for sure.

Personal decorative elements

Photos and posters

Tumblr Bedroom Personal Accessories

Decorating bedrooms with Polaroids is a hot trend right now that’s taking over all Tumblr-inspired rooms. They create a vintage and retro ambiance in a room and fit perfectly with the Tumblr-look.

You could try hanging a set of pictures created by you as a collage. It can be in your own personal design and layout.

Hanging up your favorite movie or band posters is also a decoration tip. You’ll find hundreds of them at music stores, FNAC, or for our readers that prefer to save, at second-hand stores as well. These personal accessories will reflect your personality in your room and make it your niche.

Blankets and pillows

People who are Tumblr-inspired don’t usually leave their walls bare. In their bedrooms, we can usually find walls covered with Bohemian tapestries and flags or shelving units with clothes and shoes.

A great idea for your room is placing a group of pillows with different patterns on your bed. Here’s where your imagination can come into play because you can choose any color that you want. Just remember to match them with the rest of your room.

Books and CDs

Another way to showcase your interests is placing books, or a stack of CDs on shelves, bookcases or even on your nightstand. Aside from always having them at arm’s reach, you can use them to create a more casual, informal style for your room.

In any case, your bedroom should always reflect your  personality. Use items that embody your interests to decorate your space. Remember that your bedroom is one of the places where you spend most of your time; make it reflect you.