4 Ideas for a Bed Headboard made with Timber Slats

The bed headboard is an essential item for the bedroom. Without it the room could appear empty, as if something was missing.
4 Ideas for a Bed Headboard made with Timber Slats

Last update: 19 October, 2018

One current trend that you can’t help see in decor magazines and on Pinterest is having a bed headboard made with timber slats.

You could combine different types of timber slats in a simple way to create a bed headboard. You can’t use the cost as an excuse not to create something elegant as timber slats can be found almost anywhere.

In this post, we will give you various ideas to decorate your bed headboard made with timber slats. As you’ll see, it can be very simple to give a totally different feel to your bedroom with these basic tips.

1. Paint the timber slats

You can give a splash of color to the bedroom by painting the timber slats in different tones. If you want to make the room seem lighter you could paint them in a neutral tone or simply paint them white. You could also paint some kind of stripe in an attention-grabbing color that makes it stand out from the rest.

Another even simpler option is to just sand them a little. Leave them as they are to give a slightly industrial feel.

Combining colors will always lend personality and charm.

In a child’s bedroom you can play with different colors to give the air of a younger and more fun atmosphere.

You can decorate a bed headboard by painting it

Bed headboard with painted timber slats / ruevintage74.com

2. Shelving for a bed headboard made with timber slats

The structure of the slats lets you play with different compositions and forms. This means you can integrate shelves, a bookcase, or drawers in the bed headboard.

For this, you have to use separate slats to make different shelves. H ang them on the wall forming a rectangle, or even in an asymmetrical form, according to your taste. You could opt to install them horizontally or vertically. Also think about whether you should paint them or leave them with their natural weathered look.

You can also install the slats up to the ceiling, and give the room a sense of width and depth.

This type of structure is very useful to hold books, table lamps, or even just what you would normally have on your bedside table.

Also, in smaller bedrooms, it’s a great idea if you insert shelves to make the most of the gaps between the timber slats.

3. Decorate with vinyls

Another idea is to stick a decorative vinyl onto the bed headboard with a message that you like. This will certainly give it a personal touch.

These days  you can find a heap of varieties of decorative vinyls in any decor shop. Look through the range of prints, drawings, and phrases to find something you like.

If you like to paint and you are a good calligrapher, you could create your own message. It could be a phrase you like, the lyrics of a song, a fragment of a poem, an inspiring quote or even a simple word.

You can decorate a bed headboard made with timber slats with decorative vinyls

Bed headboard made with timber slats and a decorative vinyl / ilovepalets.com

4. Hang decorative lights

You could include a couple of small wall lamps on either side of your bed headboard made with timber slats. This is a very good idea for people who like to read at night. Also, it’s very pretty and at night makes the room seem bigger.

You could also put several light bulbs in between the timber slats. This will make the shape of the bed stand out. It will become a modern and innovative part of the decor, able to please any teenager.

If you are looking for an alternative to LED lights, you could also decorate the bed headboard made with timber slats with strings of fairy lights. A single slat located in the bed headboard can be transformed into a special part of the decor if it’s covered in small fairy lights. Turn them on when the main lights of the bedroom are turned off at night. You could even leave them on during the day.

A bed headboard made with timber slats captures the attention and focuses the eye in the bedroom, offering a very special personal touch.

You can decorate a bed headboard made with timber slats with lights

Bed headboard made with timber slats decorated with lights / ilovepalets.com


When contemplating how to recycle timber slats, the possibilities for creating a bed headboard are many and varied. As we’ve seen, you can choose between leaving them their natural color or giving them a coat of paint, aging the paint to give it a vintage touch, writing a message on the bed headboard, adapting a decorative element or hanging lights – you have a lot to choose from!

In the end, the design of the bed headboard will depend on your taste and creativity. You should also take into account the colors already in your room.

Timber slats are great to make into any kind of furnishing or shelving above your bed. Their possibilities are endless. You also don’t have to limit yourself to just making a bed headboard with timber slats. You could experiment to make different types of furniture such as tables, bookshelves, and small garden planters.


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