Outdoor Tables: 5 Best IKEA Tables for Your Deck

Getting your deck or patio ready? We'll give you the best IKEA options for outdoor tables this year!
Outdoor Tables: 5 Best IKEA Tables for Your Deck

Last update: 24 January, 2019

Patios or decks can be the best place to spend summer evenings or for outdoor dinners. IKEA outdoor tables are perfect for your deck for a few reasons.

First, you get great value for your money. Secondly, their designs are suitable for all tastes. Therefore, you should be able to find one that fits your style perfectly.

Having outdoor space, however small, has become a luxury. If you have a deck or patio, make sure that it’s well-furnished and decorated so you can make the most of it.

However, finding the perfect elements for your deck can be a difficult task.

Therefore, we’ll recommend the 5 best IKEA outdoor tables.

1. MASTHOLMEN Coffee table

This one of our favorite IKEA outdoor tables. It’s a rattan coffee table.

This is one of the outdoor tables available at IKEA.
MASTHOLMEN Coffee Table/ ikea.com

If you love to create an organic and natural feeling on your deck, this could be the table for you. However, due to its material, we recommend you cover it if it rains. Its current cost is $59.

2. ÄPPLARÖ table

We’ve fallen in love with this table because of the folding wings at the ends. This means that you have a functional table that adapts to your needs. In addition, it has a place to hold an umbrella.

This table is made of solid acacia wood. Also, to make it more resistant to the outdoors, it’s also treated with special varnishes. Its current price is $149.


The APPLARO Table is one of the beautiful options for outdoor tables.
APPLARO Table / ikea.com

This is one of the IKEA outdoor tables that belongs to a collection of the same name. In that collection, you can the folding version and a bar table option.

3. LÄCKÖ table

This is another IKEA outdoor table that we like the most because it is ideal for smaller spaces.

There are many options for outdoor tables at IKEA.
LACKO table / ikea.com

This option is a round table that will give a romantic feel to your patio. It’s made of steel and is perfect for seating two people. It costs $39.

4. ÄPPLARÖ bar table

This is a tall, acacia wooden table. It’s perfect because the wood brings an organic and natural air to the deck.

In addition, two high stools are the perfect complement that gives a modern feel to your outdoor decoration. The table is 70 x 70 x 105 cm. It costs $99.


Finally, this table is a beige coffee table. We love it because it’s made of galvanized steel. Therefore, it’s quite a resistant table.

Outdoor tables like KROKHOLMEN can add to your exterior decor.
KROKHOLMEN table / ikea.com

On the other hand, because it has a grid-board top, any liquid spilled goes directly through. In addition, the edge is raised so you can move the table without worrying about things falling off.

It is 44 x 73 cm and its current price is $34.99.

How to choose the perfect IKEA outdoor tables

Now that we’ve told you about our favorite IKEA outdoor tables, we’ll give you 3 simple but effective tips to choose the perfect table.

First, it’s important that you consider the size of your space. Based on this, decide whether you want a smaller or larger table. If you want a flexible option, consider one that is able to extend or collapse.

Second, think about the function of your deck or patio. If you want to make the space your summer dining room, you’ll have to choose a dining table. Try to choose the largest table you can depending on the space available. On the other hand, if you want a chill space, a small coffee table would be ideal.

Finally, choose the table that combines best with the rest of your elements. You ideally want the space to have the same style. You don’t want a table that is an isolated element from either else.


The IKEA outdoor tables that we recommend in this article were chosen for their aesthetics and also for their accessible pricing.

Also, as you know, IKEA has many different options. Therefore, you can find many other tables and, of course, prices.

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