Ideas for Decorating your 15m² Patio

Thanks to these tips and ideas, decorating your 15m² patio has never been easier.
Ideas for Decorating your 15m² Patio

Last update: 08 November, 2018

When beautiful weather arrives, nothing is more important than finding the perfect spot in your home where you can relax and enjoy time with friends. Decorating your 15m² patio can become a major priority. 

As time passes and large cities continue to grow, we find ourselves in increasingly smaller homes. In many cases, this includes an interior or exterior patio. 

These are structures without a roof that are separate from other houses by surrounding walls.

Some patios are within the interior of homes and are also known as inner courtyards. These mostly appear in multi-dwelling buildings.

Inner courtyards are a perfect means of allowing natural light into interior rooms. Many homeowners install beams in their roofs to avoid anything falling into the space.

Patios can be of many sizes. However, nowadays many homeowners face the challenge of decorating a patio that measures just 15m².

This article will, therefore, suggest a couple of ideas that will, without a doubt, allow you to make the most of your smaller area.

Interior or exterior?

It’s first worth considering if the patio you want to decorate is an interior or exterior patio. This is essential as it will determine what materials you need to use. Materials for exterior patios will need to be more durable, for example.

internal patio

This will also determine what plants will grow. In the case of interior patios, you should consider what light will be available.  

How will you use your patio?

In addition to being beautiful, every room in your home should also be practical. This is an especially important feature when decorating smaller patios of 15m². Thinking about how you will use your patio will allow you to make better use of the space. 

Are you looking for somewhere to eat a meal every so often? Or would you prefer a patio where you can read, relax or listen to music?

The things you will need to decorate your patio will depend on how you will use the space.

Furniture is an essential

The furniture used in such small spaces is incredibly important. Our recommendation is that you always opt for stackable or fold-away furniture. This way, you will only use what you need and consequently save space.

patio chairs

For example, if you have only two people to visit, you would only need three chairs. If you are looking for somewhere to relax, you could hang a canvas hammock and then have a couple of fold-away chairs or maybe a puff for guests. 

Decorating your 15 m² patio with plants

A patio is not a patio without the color and aroma of plants. Even though your patio may be small, plants will always help bring life and color into your space. 

One ideal option is to hang baskets from the walls or from any beams in the roof. We also love the idea of creating a vertical garden on one of the walls, preferably towards the back of your patio. This will give your space a sense of depth.


Ideally, neutral colors should be used to decorate the ground of your 15m² patio to make the most of the space and make it feel more open.


On the other hand, you can use more striking colors decorate the walls, creating the impression of greater space.


The more effort we put into decorating and organizing our patios, the more we can take advantage of the smaller space, and indeed that of any other area with limited space.

Many people often choose to extend the interior of their homes into their patio. 

Glazed walls or windows are a perfect way to do this. You can achieve a lot by allowing the inside and outside of the home to flow together. You can create a vast dining room, a place when you can relax, or somewhere to practice Pilates or yoga.

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