A Window Cleaning Robot - a Breakthrough for Today's World

There's nothing worse than looking through a window and seeing marks, dust, and dirt on the surface. It's time to solve this problem and ensure a comfortable, safe way to clean windows.
A Window Cleaning Robot - a Breakthrough for Today's World

Last update: 12 August, 2020

In terms of home hygiene, technology makes our work easier through machinery that offers extraordinary results. One example, in particular, is the window cleaning robot, a true breakthrough for the modern world.

Most of us have very busy schedules that make it hard to get to every task around the house. Instead, we focus on the ones that are the most important. As a result, a little help doesn’t hurt, especially if it doesn’t take any extra energy.

In the same way that there are automatic vacuum cleaners, smart kitchen appliances, and home automation, there is a new resource that lets you keep your windows clean and shiny. There’s no longer any excuse for not having your house looking great every day!

What is a window cleaning robot?

A window cleaning robot can keep your windows clean.

First of all, let’s explain what a window cleaning robot is. This is an electronic device that works independently and allows you to easily clean the interior and exterior of windows.

They are completely effective. They get rid of any marks, dirt, dust, or other debris on the surface of a window. Also, they can clean large windows in a very short time.

These devices are usually about 12 x 12 inches. However, depending on the brand, they may be smaller or larger. There are also systems adapted to corners and acute angles, although the most common ones are usually quadrangular.

Forget about cleaning the windows! With this device, you don’t have to worry about it.

Window cleaning robot – the main qualities

As we mentioned before, these devices aren’t that big. Therefore, they don’t take up much space. Let’s take a look at more 5 details about these robots:

  1. These devices have traction wheels that allow them to move. On the other hand, they also have support points so that they stay attached to the glass.
  2. At the base, mops perform the cleaning. You need to dampen these before using the robot, using a special spray for glass. Also, you need to make sure that you apply the spray to the mops and not to the machine.
  3. Once the device is ready, it’s time to connect the robot to the electricity via a cable and stick it to the glass. Then, push the power button and the robot will begin to move. It will remove all the dirt it finds in its path.
  4. These robots don’t move around randomly. Usually, they begin at the corners to start and gauge the size of the window. From there, they make movements in the form of an “N” or vertically and horizontally until the entire surface is clean.
  5. How does the robot know that the window is clean? It has sensors that tell it when a part has been successfully cleaned. This way you can be sure that everything is properly polished.

Main brands on the market

A window cleaning robot is usually square.

Currently, window cleaning robots aren’t very common. These are useful devices for people that can afford them and are a perfect example of smart cleaning technology.

However, before purchasing a window cleaning robot, you need to know which brands are best. The most common brand, which has different models, is Cecotec. This is a leading company in household appliances. We also want to highlight Hobot and, for a simpler and cheaper option, the Eco-De brand.

It’s better to invest in a good product and get good results for many years.

Where do you buy a window cleaning robot?

You can get one of these devices in two ways. One option is to check out a household appliance store in your city. They might have some models in stock. However, as these are limited and exclusive items, they aren’t always in stock.

If you want to purchase one of these more easily, you can also go online and find lots of different options. The best way is to go directly to the website of the official brands so you can guarantee quality and personalized attention.


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