The Oosouji Method - An Easy Way to Clean the Home

Do you want cleaning to become an entertaining activity that can stimulate your personality? The Oosouji method is a good way to improve mental health. Learn more with us!
The Oosouji Method - An Easy Way to Clean the Home

Last update: 21 May, 2020

More often than not, keeping the house clean becomes a burden. For some reason, everyone complicates things way too much when it comes to this. It’s not something that you can do in thirty minutes; it takes time and patience, especially when there are so many other things to do. Therefore, cleaning the house with the Oosouji method is your best bet.

Generally, people tend to maintain the same cleaning habits that they learned from their parents and grandparents. However, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re all in continuous evolution and that sometimes it’s necessary to make some changes.

Through the Oosouji method, a new (and easier) way of cleaning is here. It’s simple and effective. It refers to a system that’s had a great boom in Japan and that’s spread throughout the world. As time goes by, more and more families have decided to resort to this method.

The Oosouji method – what is it exactly?

A woman cleaning her house using the Oosouji method.

This method is completely innovative and helps to keep the house tidy and well-organized. Its main goal is to make household chores as simple as they can be. The idea here is that each task should be completely effective and respect the home decor.

When’s the perfect time to carry out this method? Well, the best time to do so is at the end of the year. The reason for this is that usually at this time we all perform a thorough, general clean to completely purify the interior and renew it. In other words, the Oosouji method makes it possible for you to give the whole home a fresh start.

Of course, you can’t perform this method in a few hours or a single day. It requires several days so keep this in mind. Through this method, you can work on your home in a minimalist and simplistic way.

Moreover, the term Oosouji means great cleanliness.

5 guidelines to carry it out

A person sweeping the floor.

This cleaning system requires guidelines that you must follow to achieve a single objective – complete hygiene. Below you’ll see the 5 fundamental guidelines to implement it.

  • First of all, you must remove all the elements that make up the decoration of a room. Also, you must take advantage of the occasion to get rid of what’s no longer useful. In this way, you’re just making the process easier for yourself.
  • When you start cleaning, it’s vital that you start with the higher furniture and then move on to the lower items.
  • When it comes to sweeping the room, you must do it from the furthest corners towards the door. You can move the dirt yourself, either with the movement of the broom or the air produced during the action.
  • You must take care of your furniture. For this reason, this method advocates smooth cleaning of surfaces instead of hard rubbing. That being said, you’ll need to acquire the right tools to remove all the dirt in a single movement.
  • Lastly, cleaning shouldn’t be expensive. It should be simple and satisfactory. At the end of the day, the result is beneficial for everyone in the household.

The philosophy of the Oosouji

An entire family getting ready to clean their home using the Oosouji method.

Under no circumstances should you perform improvised and quick cleaning. According to the Oosouji method, you must set the exact days on which you’ll be carrying out the cleaning tasks. Moreover, you must stick to the hours and the objectives set.

The philosophy of the Oosoujo method is based on thorough cleaning processes without falling into routine or boredom. It’s about adding emotion, enthusiasm, and functionality to the process and thus improving mental health.

Cleaning products in the Oosouji method

There’s something important we must mention. One of the philosophies that this method applies is the use of natural resources to improve the quality of cleaning. Vinegar is considered to be a useful product to care for furniture and wooden floors.

If greater cleaning effectiveness is what you want, you can mix vinegar with baking soda, especially to remove bigger or harsher stains.

The purpose of all this is that you don’t expose yourself to toxic products, protect all the decor elements in your home, and make the whole space look and feel healthy.

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