The 6 Best Window Styles for Your House

There are practically as many window styles as houses out there. Choosing the one that fits your personal preferences is a key part of creating your dream home.
The 6 Best Window Styles for Your House

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Windows say a lot about a house’s style. There are as many window styles as there are houses in the world. You can give these light-bringing spaces a more prominent role in your home’s design. Of course, you should always keep the size and structure of your home in mind.

Things to keep in mind when choosing window styles

If you’re designing your home’s layout, we recommend that you keep two very important things in mind when deciding what window styles to use. These are the home’s position and the typical climate in the area.

If it faces south, put in some big windows to take full advantage of the direct sunlight. Try to make it so that there aren’t any big windows toward the north and avoid those toward the west.

Windows with wood frames.

Another important matter is that of the front of the house. Although you may think of windows in terms of their relationship to space or ambiance, you have to realize that, for example, you can’t put them on a party wall.

Also consider the relationship between the window and the wall, and the most suitable type (leaf, sliding, folding, downward-closing, or projecting). Of course, the material you’re going to use is also an important aspect. Some examples are wood, aluminum, and PVC.

How many window styles are there?

Choosing from different styles of windows when you’re building or remodeling your house is a real challenge. Take a look at some of our ideas and choose the one that best fits your style. It should, of course, also match the rest of the house’s design.

A window with bars on it.

1- Complete windows with aluminum edges

If you’ve got a modern house, this is one of the most popular window styles. These are big (ideal for the living room), easy to clean, and you can convert them into sliding windows or leave them static.

A window that gives a great view of the scenery.

The aluminum border’s what’s going to give it the modernist touch

2- Windows with rounded edges

Even though you might think these types of windows are only for a Mediterranean, Arabic, or Colonial-style house,  they look great in modern homes as well.

A round window.

They’ll give your facade a different type of charm. Not only that, but they’re very functional because they allow light to come into your house for several hours each day. And, best of all, you can customize them to your liking concerning the frame or the parts that open up.

3- Wooden frame with tempered glass

These tend to be small or medium in size. People usually place them in areas where they don’t want others to be able to peer in. The bathroom, for example. Since they have a wooden frame, they look great on stone facades.

4. In the roof

A house with windows on its roof which is one of our functional window styles.

Who can forget roof windows in a conversation about window styles? Here we’re specifically going to talk about windows on diagonal roofs that can also function as walls. These are great for attics, offices, or modern libraries. And… why not? Let’s put romantic rooms onto this list – they’re great for when you want to look up at the stars.

5- Outside frames

Imagine your house’s facade has white walls but what stands out are the frames of the windows and the doors. It might be because they’re of a bright color such as blue or yellow. No doubt they’ll add a very special touch to your home.

A house with blue window frames.

6- Window styles when the windows are on the corner

Minimalist homes, such as those made of containers, use these types of windows. The builders place these on the corners of their constructions and they allow the person inside to enjoy a much broader view of the surroundings. They’re also an excellent way to take advantage of natural light.

A house with windows on the corners which is one of our window styles

There are many more window styles than we can name in this article. For example, some include wooden shutters. There are horizontal aluminum windows and curved ones for unique houses that stick out over the walls and are like mini-balconies. Which type of window is your favorite? Have you decided what type you’re going to use in your home?