The Relationship Between Turquoise and Gold in the Home

In chromatic combination, we can take advantage of the relationship between turquoise and gold in the home to obtain different aesthetics.
The Relationship Between Turquoise and Gold in the Home

Last update: 05 September, 2023

The chromatic combination that we establish in interiors must be governed by certain principles of coherence. We all know that decorating randomly is never a good idea. For this reason, we’re going to take a look at how to incorporate the relationship between turquoise and gold at home.

As a general rule, we usually resort to the typical warm tones with which to provide a peaceful and bright environment. This approach is probably conventional and has become somewhat common. For this reason, we can change the trend and look for other alternatives.

Surely, we have many ideas in mind, but we don’t know how to carry them out, and our only purpose is to achieve a degree of originality. Now, how do we go about it? What must we do to achieve it? In the article below, we’re going to offer some ideas regarding the union of these two colors.

Build the relationship through the walls and furniture

A turquoise and gold vintage dresser.

If you want both colors to take center stage in a space, you must present them through different resources. On the one hand, if you want the turquoise to dominate to a greater extent, then it can look good on the walls. From there, it’s a matter of contrasting it with some furniture that has a golden hue.

In the case that you apply the reverse process, it can also make sense; however, too much visual intensity is generated and, consequently, a notorious luminosity throughout the whole space, without overlooking the luxury and elitist sense that can be achieved.

The most convenient thing is for the color turquoise to take on greater relevance and predominate on the largest surfaces. It’s a way to diversify the decoration and not over-brown the room, as other colors must also appear in order to harmonize the place more.

Turquoise and gold provide decoration that attracts attention and is very attractive.

Turquoise and gold in decoration

Undoubtedly, it’ll be through furniture and other decorative elements that you can work on the combination of these two colors. How they appear will determine how the relationship of the different components will take place. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • In classic environments, you can use baroque chairs with upholstery in turquoise and with drawings. In turn, it can be complemented with some gold embroideries. If the material is wood or metal, we can cover it with a golden layer on top.
  • Wallpaper is another interesting resource for walls. Different designs can be represented whose lines are established in gold, while the predominant background remains in turquoise.
  • Antique furniture, such as chests of drawers or nightstands, may have a patina of paint on top in turquoise; on the other hand, the handles and locks can be left in gold. In this way, a golden and distinguished character is achieved.
  • Following similar patterns to the previous examples, both shades are candidates to be together in elements such as cushions, lamps, mirrors, paintings, bedspreads, rugs, etc. It’s all a matter of choosing specimens that have a place in the home.

In what styles can turquoise and gold work well?

Gold decorations made with wire.

If you have to clarify some of the styles where they best fit, you must start, first of all, with the classic or modern classic styles. In any of these two, the combination makes sense.

At the same time, they’re appropriate for those houses in which you want to develop an environment that’s reminiscent of the designs of the past. However, you can use them for more modernist purposes. In other words, it’s about showing a more retro image.

On the other hand, it’s in contemporary styles, such as industrial, minimalist, or futuristic, where they don’t acquire greater importance. In one way or another, they can gain presence, but they won’t have as relevant a meaning as in the other styles mentioned.

The aesthetic meaning of turquoise and gold

When observed with the naked eye, what do they transmit? If you want to achieve meaning with their appearance, you must take into account that they’ll be a good bet for any room, be it a living room, bathroom, living room, or the bedroom itself.

The most important thing is that you know how to work them together so that they’re properly related to everything else. In any case, they offer elegance and a good presence, show seriousness, and, on the other hand, provide a certain classic and old touch. In short, they’re two shades that, despite being different, dialogue perfectly.